Welcome to my blog! I am Giorgia known as Giorgy (or just G or Genius, as you prefer, as long as you are kind). I am a Swiss girl of 26 years old and one of my great passions is traveling and I hope that with my stories I can inspire you too to take and leave for your next adventure!

Besides traveling, I have a passion for languages which gives you the opportunity to interact with people from other countries and cultures. I have 5 languages in my pocket: Italian, English, German, Spanish and French – partly learned thanks to the school in my country and partly thanks to my travels. You should know that in Switzerland we have four national languages (German, French, Italian, and Romansh) that we learn at school; I learned Spanish during a three-month trip to South America.
Zodiacal sign? Cancer which mixed with my nature as a curious kid, creates a fantastic and partially annoying and stubborn pain in the ass (or I should have said screw-up?). My character makes me a classic traveler who everywhere I go must at least know how to interact with the locals. Come on, test me and ask me how to say “hello” or “thank you” in any language! These two words are fundamental and a must for me to be able to integrate with the locals. (Play it fair, you can’t choose a grey destination – where I haven’t been there yet gnek gnek!).

Although I am Swiss, in the past people have asked me which region of Latin America I came from. I’m sorry to disappoint you all but I am made of 70% of Southern European sugar, North African cinnamon, and everything nice. These were the ingredients chosen to create a perfect Giorgy, but accidentally someone added Nutella and goofiness to the mix, and that’s how Powerpu… ah no, just me. Only I was born – Giolly! Yeah G, almost…

A back picture. She wants to look interesting.

G-Extreme was born from a great passion of mine: traveling. I hope that my stories will strike right into your heart and course through your veins, inspiring and transporting you to wonderful countries, transmitting my desire to discover. I promise you, it’s gonna be a blast!

Where does this name come from? Easy, I’ll explain it to you right away: G obviously stands for Giorgy, my name (G=Genius, no? no, okay let’s go on), and Extreme like my way of traveling. “Extreme”, a word with great meaning that can be interpreted by everyone in their own way. In my case it is synonymous with frantic adventures, it means to push myself to the limit of my curiosity, and I guarantee you that it is difficult to confine it when you put yourself in it!

Oh now a pic of herself underwater. I believe she is trying to impress you?

I love to push myself beyond my limits exploring every edge of the earth. Yes I know, you’re gonna tell me: “The earth is round”. Haha very funny, come on it’s a figure of speech, let me use it! Anyway, I love everything from unusual means of transport to sleeping in the strangest places of far-out adventures.

So far I have visited 6 continents and 50 countries – that’s 20% of the planet visited! For skeptics: yes my land with corners has a total of seven continents and Wikipedia is going to confirm you that according to her it is like that too!

I hope to continue in this way my adventure to discover the remaining 80% of the world and who knows that maybe one day we will meet in this fantastic journey called life!

Ah no, she might be right and she is just a Goofball!!