Best Travel Insurance for Cartagena Colombia

Best Travel Insurance for Cartagena Colombia in 2023

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    Congratulations on stumbling across this article! I have been traveling in and out of the whole Colombia and South America since 2019. Exactly, I am a Colombia blogger and I am here to help understand travel insurance for Cartagena the walled city.

    If you’re looking for the best options for Colombian travel insurance, then I urge you to consider these three companies:

    • Travel Insurance Master — Discover the perfect Colombia travel insurance with our easy-to-use comparison tool!
    • SafetyWing — Best Cartagena insurance coverage available here for a digital nomad or long-term traveler!
    • World Nomads — Best insurance for general travelers. (Note: Get your FREE quotes today with Travel Insurance Master!)

    Not only can you learn about the best travel companies here, but I will also answer your FAQ-asked questions: Do you need travel international insurance for Colombia? Is Cartagena safe for travelers?, and What is the best travel insurance for Colombia, Latin America?

    Once you have determined the ideal plan for your needs, don’t forget to peruse the Cartagena travel insurance and general Cartagena travel FAQs located at the bottom of this article.

    Please note that I am not a specialist in insurance, nor do I act as an intermediary or insurance broker seller of Colombia travel policies. If you have questions about such policies, please reach out to the company where you purchased the plan for further information.


    What are the Best Colombia Travel Insurance Companies?

    Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer for the most ideal insurance coverage when visiting Cartagena de Indias Colombia. The best travel insurance for Colombia for your trip to this beautiful country all depends on you and your individual needs.

    You want to make sure you acquire the most suitable insurance for yourself, so take into account factors like the total cost of the policy, deductible amount, necessary coverage details, and medical care benefits.

    To help in this decision-making process, I suggest these three companies that stand out for distinct reasons:

    Travel Insurance Master — To ensure that you get the best deal for your Colombia travel insurance needs, be sure to compare plans on our website – they guarantee the lowest prices!
    SafetyWing — Are you a digital nomad or a long-term traveler in Colombia? Look no further; the best insurance plan for your needs is here!✅ World Nomads — Best insurance for general travelers. (Note: Head to Travel Insurance Master to get a quote from World Nomads and other companies to make sure you get the best rate.)

    With a wide selection of Cartagena travel insurance companies, I will simplify it for you by specifically focusing on three that accommodate the needs of most travelers and Colombia digital nomads.

    Keep reading for more in-depth insights and date information on the three companies I suggest.


    1. Travel Insurance Master

    Best Travel Insurance for Colombia 18 G-Extreme
    Are you looking for cost-effective travel insurance to Colombia? Look no further than Travel Insurance Master. With their easy search engine, you get multiple quotes quickly – so finding the most affordable option is an effortless task!

    For anyone who enjoys exploring a variety of options, they have made the process simpler than ever before by condensing travel insurance into just five questions. The result? A comprehensive list of quotes to choose from!

    Travel Insurance Master provides an effortless solution for your followers’ travel insurance needs. With an online travel insurance aggregator, you can confidently secure the perfect coverage with just a few clicks!

    The convenience is undeniably easy! Travel Insurance Master has greatly simplified the process, to the point of being featured in Forbes magazine for their groundbreaking search tool. In fact, it’s so user-friendly that anyone can purchase insurance without ever having to leave your personal property- how easy is that?

    Travel Insurance Master’s cutting-edge algorithm crafts the perfect plan for your journey from various reliable providers, like Travelex, Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection, IMG, GoReady, Trawick International, and AIG. With their smart recommendations, you can be sure that you are getting the best value possible!

    Choosing the right policy for you is a breeze with this process – all it takes are 3-5 quick questions and you’re presented with an easy-to-understand comparison table.

    It’s never been easier to find the best option in no time at all, as results are displayed side by side making your decision simple!


    cartagena travel insurance G-Extreme
    Travel Insurance Master quickly evaluates top-tier comprehensive travel insurance and lower coverage plans from a variety of travel insurance providers, giving you multiple quotes in no time.

    Are you wondering “What does CFAR stand for?” It stands for Cancel For Any Reason and is a coverage option that many businesses have added as the world remains in an uncertain state. Now you can protect yourself if plans suddenly change!

    Travel Insurance Master makes it effortless to uncover companies that possess CFAR coverage. All you have to do is switch on the CFAR option while scrolling through policies, and only those plans that offer this type of protection will be visible.

    Not only does CFAR offer the best benefits, but they also provide a multitude of unique advantages that other businesses simply can’t match.

    In the case of an unlikely pandemic, their exclusive Pandemic Plus Plans offer a much-needed sense of security and flexibility while you are traveling. Not just that – if your trip is affected by Covid in any way, this plan also provides full reimbursement for all medical expenses incurred during your trip!

    📲 Need assistance? Call their toll-free number at 1-800-614-8505.


    2. SafetyWing Travel Insurance

    Here is the best of the Cartagena Travel Insurance. I personally have it and I couldn't be happier!
    SafetyWing is the perfect choice for me when it comes to medical insurance for my safe travels in Colombia. (Photo: SafetyWing, Travel health insurance Colombia)

    SafetyWing is the most preferred long-term travel and digital nomad insurance provider. I personally use them for my health insurance in Colombia, as they provide me with the best coverage out of all ex-pat insurers.

    Colombia’s whopping 180-day tourist visa (found on the Immigration Form) provides a window of opportunity for travelers to explore the country. With such an extended limited period, SafetyWing is your ideal travel insurance provider if you plan on spending ample time in Colombia.

    With SafetyWing insurance policies beginning at just $42 dollars per month (or a mere $500 USD for yearly travel coverage), it’s an obvious choice – and I am proud to call myself one of the SafetyWing customers! This offer is truly unbeatable.

    Traveling to Colombia is now worry-free with basic policies, which include coverage for all unforeseen emergencies, medical costs, and medical treatment while abroad. All this protection can be yours for very little money – giving you the peace of mind you deserve!


    In recent years, SafetyWing has experienced tremendous growth and now offers an array of plans. Personally, I trust them as my health insurance provider.

    Not only do they provide travel insurance but their Remote Health Plan also provides comprehensive medical coverage for any type of excursion-single trip, business venture, or a prolonged visit to Colombia. Take advantage of this incredible offer!


    3. World Nomads Travel Insurance Colombia

    Get to know everything you need to know regarding Cartagena Travel insurance.
    Colorful Cartagena de is one of the best public places to visit in Colombia.
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    For worldwide travel insurance, World Nomads is the preferred choice among many reputable travel companies (such as Hostel World) and well-known bloggers (like Nomadic Matt). It’s no surprise why they recommend it over any other.

    To make it easy for their customers, they offer just two plans – Explorer Plan and Standard Plan. But of course, you have the option of customizing your coverage with additional add-ons if needed.

    Standard Plan: As its title implies, the Standard Plan is the foundational coverage each traveler to Colombia should have.

    This plan offers a plethora of benefits depending on your investment, from medical assistance and overseas coverage to protection for your items, pre-trip cancelation insurance as well as the opportunity for select adventure activities.

    Explorer Plan: Not only does this plan offer all the advantages of a Standard Plan, but it also includes additional features such as medical emergency evacuation.

    If your idea of an adventure is scaling the Lost City (Ciudad Perdida) near Cartagena de Indias or you have the costly gear to bring along, this insurance plan’s comprehensive coverage could be ideal for you.

    The Explorer Plan is one of the few I’ve encountered that offers a Colombia driving insurance add-on, making it an incredibly attractive option.

    If you’re planning to rent a car in Cartagena, remember that your regular United States auto insurance or home country policy won’t be accepted in Colombia – so make sure to acquire appropriate Colombian car insurance for the duration of your rental period!


    5 Reasons You Should Buy Colombia Travel Insurance

    1. Loss or Theft of Your Belongings and Luggage

    You deserve the assurance of knowing that your belongings are safe, no matter what happens – be it a lost piece of luggage on an airplane, or your phone taking a plunge in the pool.

    With this service, you can also ensure that even if someone steals your laptop, you will have peace of mind.

    If you plan to bring expensive items such as designer clothing, sunglasses, jewelry, laptops, or cameras along for your trip, theft protection is a must. Don’t leave home without it!


    Yes — If you misplace your Dior shades, become a victim of iPhone theft, or need medical attention after one too many drinks at the open bar (yes it happens!), then this policy will come into play.

    The resort’s insurance may give some coverage, but it is far from complete. Without covering yourself with extra insurance, the resort will not accept responsibility for any personal belongings that are lost or broken, and in emergency situations where they cannot be held liable.

    Looking for Colombian Beaches Resorts recommendations? Check out these Best 9 Colombian Beaches Resorts.

    2. Travel Medical Insurance Coverage in Emergencies

    Unexpected events such as medical health issues, weather-related delays, and lost luggage can occur during international travels and are virtually impossible to anticipate.

    Instead of bringing home big, unexpected medical bills as a souvenir from your travels, why not opt for something more memorable and exciting? Travel mementos are the perfect way to reminisce on all that you’ve seen!

    3. Covid Travel Insurance in Colombia

    In 2020, the world saw a drastic shift with the arrival of Covid-19. To ensure safety and peace of mind while traveling to Colombia, all health insurance plans now offer coverage for travelers that include protection against coronavirus.

    For any travelers looking to insure themselves against COVID-19-related issues, I highly recommend Travel Insurance Master, Safety Wing Insurance, and World Nomads Insurance; all three have policies that ensure protection in the event of a pandemic (COVID coverage).

    4. Reimbursement for Trip Cancelation You Make

    Life may throw us some curveballs, but that doesn’t mean your plans for Colombia have to be canceled too! Trip cancellation insurance ensures you’re covered in case something arises and you have to cancel at the last minute.

    With this protection, no matter what life throws your way, you can still explore Colombia with peace of mind.

    5. Travel Itinerary Changes You Didn’t Make

    If your travel plans are unexpectedly altered by the airline, cruise line, or a tour company you’ve booked through, Colombia travel insurance is there to provide coverage.

    If you’re ever caught in an unfortunate circumstance of a flight cancelation, don’t worry! Your insurance can provide more than just a one-night stay at a hotel.


    Best Travel Insurance for Cartagena Colombia FAQ

    How Much is Travel Insurance to Colombia?

    The cost of travel insurance can be determined by your age, length of trip, the coverage you select, and the company from which it is purchased – however plan to pay between $5-25 USD per day.

    With a basic and minimal insurance plan, you can expect to invest around $5-10 USD each day for protection.

    For those seeking more comprehensive coverage, the daily rate for additional protection may cost between $10-15 USD.

    If you need to insure several valuable items, say a spanking new laptop and an expensive camera equipment package, your daily policy rate may be around $15-25 USD.

    Make the most of your Colombia insurance by getting a FREE quote and comparing rates from leading companies. Simply follow the links below, and in no time you’ll see how much money you can save!

    • Travel Insurance Master — Discover the perfect Colombia travel insurance with our easy-to-use comparison tool!
    • SafetyWing — Best Cartagena insurance coverage available here for a digital nomad or long-term traveler!
    • World Nomads — Best insurance for general travelers. (Note: Get your FREE quotes today with Travel Insurance Master!)

    💡 Cartagena Travel Insurance Tip: As soon as you purchase a policy, share it with a trusted loved one or family member so they have a copy as well.


    Why is Travel Insurance to Colombia so Expensive?

    When it comes to insurance, the costliness is more than worth it – should you require filing a claim, your return can be up to 100 times what you’ve paid!

    Have you ever asked yourself Why is Colombia travel insurance so expensive? It is actually a popular inquiry, however, it depends on who’s posing it as both “cheap” and “expensive” are subjective terms.

    SafetyWing is undoubtedly one of the leading Colombia travel insurance companies out there, and their prices are extremely competitive. Their policies start at a mere $40 USD for thirty days worth of coverage – I’m so impressed by this that I use it myself!

    To help you create a practical Colombia travel budget, make sure to take insurance into account when calculating your total costs.

    Where Can I Compare Colombia Travel Insurance Quotes?

    The water should be drinkable in every place in the world. Unfortunately is not always like this. Therefore I bring this bottle with me whenever I can.
    Wondering, Can you drink the water in Colombia? The answer is yes, and it also depends on the area you are traveling to. Therefore you’ll want to have a Water-To-Go Bottle that has a built-in filter.

    Travel Insurance Master is perfect for someone who wants the best coverage with a variety of options. The process has been made easier – all you have to do is answer five questions before getting a list of potential quotes.

    This makes understanding and obtaining travel insurance simpler than ever!


    Is Travel Insurance Legally Required for Colombia Travel?

    No — Post-Covid, some claim it’s now more critical than ever to invest in travel insurance, transforming the once optional item into a must-have.

    To feel more secure, many tourists purchase Colombian travel insurance to have a safety net in case of unforeseen crises, even though it is not legally obligated.

    What Happens if I Travel Without Travel Insurance in Colombia?

    Legally, insurance is not a requirement. But it’s always wise to have that extra protection in the unfortunate event of unforeseen natural disasters. Insurance will be there for you when you need it most during those worst-case scenarios.

    Taking a trip without insurance is incredibly dangerous, and you will regret it if any of your worst fears come to fruition – travel delays, lengthy stopovers, serious illness, or theft.

    By having the assurance that comes with an insurance policy in place before departing on your journey, these risks can be minimized significantly (right Giorgy?).

    With travel insurance in the walled city of Cartagena de Indias, you could save yourself from a massive expense if hospitalized. Without it, however, the hospital bill would be on you and it won’t come cheap!

    Don’t hesitate to get a FREE travel insurance quote if you are on the fence about investing in Colombia travel insurance – it’s an easy way to decide what is right for you!


    Can I Use my U.S. Health Insurance in Colombia?

    Wondering, Does American insurance work in Colombia? For most travelers, no, it most likely will not.

    However, you can always make the choice to incorporate Colombia coverage into your policy or plan by adding a clause. To ensure this is possible, it’s best to contact the travel insurance company directly and verify the terms of the agreement.

    Before investing in a Colombia international travel insurance policy for your trip to Colombia, make sure you consult with your United State health insurance provider.

    It is likely that they offer coverage options that include global health benefits and may even stretch as far as Colombia!


    Is Travel Insurance Mandatory for Colombia?

    No — When traveling to Colombia, you are not obligated by law to acquire Colombia travel insurance or medical travel insurance. Therefore, purchasing such coverage is at your own discretion.

    No one in Colombia will request evidence of insurance at any airport, port, or land border. Ultimately, whether you decide to buy travel insurance is completely up to you!

    Do Americans Need a Travel Insurance Cartagena Colombia Policy?

    No — Although there is no need to have insurance for Cartagena Colombia when traveling for business or leisure, it’s highly recommended by frequent travelers.

    Travel insurance in Colombia (or anywhere) can provide an extra layer of protection and peace of mind while abroad.

    Though not mandatory, most travelers purchase a travel insurance policy for extra reassurance. Today, with the risk of Covid-19 infection ever present, many find themselves making an obligatory purchase – that is having to buy a good travel insurance plan in order to feel comfortable traveling again.


    What isn’t Covered by Colombia Travel Insurance Policies?

    Nowadays, the majority of insurance companies offer emergency medical coverage; yet, it is unlikely this will include pre-existing health conditions if you are traveling to Colombia.

    In the case of medical emergencies or medical treatment related to pre-existing conditions, your trip insurance coverage might be rejected.

    Regardless of any pre-existing medical conditions, you can easily personalize policies to include extreme and adventure sports including scuba diving, riding ATVs, and zip lines.

    If you’re looking for prolonged medical insurance in Colombia, SafetyWing is the ideal solution for digital nomads coverage.

    For instance, the Explorer Plan with World Nomads covers all of your needs: Covid-19 medical coverage, dental and emergency care, delayed baggage protection, baggage loss, trip cancelation security, medical evacuation insurance plan in case of an accident or injury while abroad – even physical damage to one’s goods and lost/stolen luggage.


    What Insurance Do I Need for Colombia?

    Actually, you don’t need any Colombia insurance. But, I suggest having the Colombia car trip insurance for driving in Colombia.


    With Discover Cars, I always rent a car in Colombia and make sure to purchase their full coverage insurance for the best assurance.

    I have been able to get complete peace of mind while traveling for only around $7 USD per day, which is much lower than the often expensive full coverage packages offered by Colombia car rental companies.

    🚗💨 For an in-depth look into car rental options in Cartagena, check out Renting A Car in Cartagena: Everything You Need to Know.


    Don’t forget about insurance when renting a boat same old story for all rental items!


    Do I Need Car Insurance for Colombia? 

    Not really — When driving in Colombia, you don’t legally must have Colombian car insurance, but it would cover you in case of any damage or accident.

    Personal Liability is the required minimum coverage when renting a car, which you can get through most companies. However, be aware that some establishments charge substantially more than others for the walled city of Cartagena car rental insurance.

    When renting a car in Colombia, I always go for Discover Cars. Not only do I recommend it to others but their full coverage insurance comes at an unbeatable price of just around $7-15 USD per day!

    With their competitively low prices and comprehensive coverage, I always opt for the full policy when traveling in Colombia – it brings me peace of mind.


    Can I Get Colombia Car Insurance Through my Credit Card?

    Unfortunately, many Colombian car rental agencies have stopped honoring the free Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) insurance coverage that some U.S. credit cards offer to their cardholders.

    This can make renting a car in Colombia more difficult and costly than it needs to be!

    As CDW is less than the required Personal Liability Insurance you need to drive in Colombia, many national Colombia car rental companies no longer honor CDW. In years past, they used to, however, in recent years, most no longer will.


    Does Colombia Require Covid Insurance?

    No — When traveling to Cartagena, Colombia, foreigners are exempt from the obligation of displaying any form of a travel insurance policy or health coverage.

    Does Travel Insurance Cover Covid Quarantine?

    While the majority of international travel insurance policies do not provide coverage for quarantine-related costs, there is no need to worry when traveling to Colombia.

    Here, travelers are exempt from any mandated period of self-isolation – an extra measure that ensures your safety and peace of mind!

    Note: This applies to both vaccinated and non-vaccinated travelers.

    The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us a valuable lesson: life can dramatically alter within seconds. Even prior to the outbreak, when traveling there was rarely any assurance that everything would go as planned (lol raise your hand if you had bad luck too).

    Consequently, the one question you should be asking yourself is: Should I buy travel insurance for Cartagena? The answer to that query is an emphatic YES!

    Just as you insure your home, car, and possessions, so too can you insure your health, luggage, and belongings while traveling to Colombia.

    As the world resumed in 2021, a newfound sense of wanderlust struck many individuals. Colombia tourist insurance for Cartagena travel thus became a necessary requirement for their journey ahead.


    Cartagena Travel: Frequently Asked Questions

    Nothing related with the best travel insurance for Colombia. It is more a fun fact about knowing if 100$ USD dollars are a lot of money in Colombia.
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    Is Cartagena Safe for Travelers?

    Yes — Travelers can explore Cartagena with peace of mind – the city is largely safe. If you’d like to dive deeper into this topic, read Is Cartagena Safe for Travel Right Now? and discover what makes it such an amazing destination even in troubled times.

    Despite the fact that security risks do exist in Cartagena, millions of tourists visit each year without issues. If you exercise sensible precaution and adhere to the same travel guidelines as you would anywhere else, your stay in Cartagena will be safe and worry-free.

    Colombia travel insurance is a great way to protect yourself, however, being mindful of your person and surroundings at all times is paramount.

    Make sure that you steer clear of any people or situations which may seem unsafe in order to safeguard yourself during your travels.

    💃 Doing some solo travel in Cartagena Colombia? If you’re considering a solo journey to Cartagena de Indias, then this comprehensive South America Solo Travel Guide is for you. Read on and explore every detail and tip about what it’s like traveling alone in this vivid destination!

    Best Colombia Travel Tips

    Colombia is a beautiful country that offers a multitude of activities and travel experiences. It’s well known for its colonial architecture, stunning beaches, and exciting cities.

    But it also has some insider tips that many travelers don’t know about. Take a look at these top tips for getting the most out of your Colombian vacation!

    What’s the Best Time to Visit Cartagena?

    November to March — This is when you’ll get the best weather in Cartagena. However, it is also the high season, so expect larger crowds and higher prices.

    When scheduling a journey to Cartagena, an often forgotten factor is the potential for severe weather.

    During the Summer and Fall, you should be prepared for rain nearly every day – even if it’s not a major storm. The humidity levels in these months can make it feel like an unbearable 100°F (38°C) or higher!

    Prepare for your upcoming visit to Cartagena with this complete weather guide – no matter when you’re planning on going, you’ll know exactly what to expect.


    Is Colombia Open for Travel Right Now?

    Yes — In fact, it is never closed to international travelers coming by air. This was great news for travelers who want to drive to Colombia (read more about Colombia driving trip insurance here).

    Colombia recognizes the importance of tourism and thus has never suspended international flights, allowing its economy to continue thriving.

    Now that Colombia is once again open to travelers, let’s review the most solid travel insurance choices from the top providers offering medical care coverage for visitors in this beautiful foreign country.

    In addition, you’ll uncover numerous compelling covered reasons why Colombia insurance coverage is essential. To learn more about the current travel situation in Colombia now, simply check the section below.


    Is There Uber In Cartagena Colombia?

    Uber is, unfortunately, not a viable option when it comes to transportation in Cartagena, Colombia. This rideshare app is actually illegal throughout the entire country, so even locals tend to avoid it.

    Thankfully, there are a variety of other alternatives available that are perfectly legal and just as convenient. Explore your options for reliable and safe transportation that aren’t Uber in Cartagena.


    Is it Safe to Travel to Cartagena Right Now? 

    This picture has nothing to do with the best travel insuracne for Colombia. I just wanted to show a picture of myself wondering around the beauty of Colombia.
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    Yes, it is safe to travel to Cartagena right now. Colombia’s government has implemented thorough safety measures to ensure the health and safety of its citizens, us citizens, and visitors.


    Do I Need a Negative Covid Test for Colombia Travel?

    Yes — You have to provide negative Coronavirus test results to enter Colombia or show the COVID vaccination.

    For people in need of rapid testing centers all over the country, you can find them here.


    How Much Does a Covid Test Cost in Colombia?

    You’ll likely spend $12 – 35 USD ($58’637.00 – 171’024.00 Colombian pesos) for the antibody test, rapid test, or PCR tests.


    Do You Need the Covid Vaccine to Go to Colombia?

    Not really  In addition to having a valid passport, those entering Colombia must be vaccinated against Covid-19 or present proof of a negative result test.


    Is There a Quarantine Period in Colombia?

    No — Travelers are not required to quarantine in Colombia for any amount of time.

    🩺 Note: If you enter Colombia and have Covid-19 symptoms, contact the Colombian private clinics’ health organization immediately, or visit nearby medical facilities for a Covid test.


    How many days is enough in Cartagena?

    If you just want to explore Cartagena itself, you’ll want three full days. However, if you want to explore the surrounding areas on some Cartagena day trip, you’ll want at least ten full days; but of course: The longer the better!


    Do you Need the Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate to Go to Colombia?

    Perhaps Some risk areas, smaller richest cities, and smaller towns require it, but at your own risk. No one will check to see if you’re vaccinated when you enter Colombia.

    There are essentially no entry requirements for Colombia with the yellow fever vaccination certificate, aside from a valid passport.

    Hacks to Upgrade Your Next Adventure

    With just $100, you can get the most out of your trip to Colombia. Here are some other FREE Travel HACKS to make sure that your money goes further and lasts longer on your journey!

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      Wrap-Up: What’s the Best Travel Insurance for Cartagena Colombia?

      To be fully prepared for any unforeseen events during your Colombia getaway, it is highly recommended that you invest in travel insurance coverage.

      It’s best to prepare ahead of time and have a plan just in case something happens that requires you to need coverage – because no one truly knows when they might be needing insurance until they really need one!

      It is impossible to plan for all contingencies, so the safest way to be prepared for any situation is with a comprehensive Colombia travel health insurance policy.

      Enjoy Colombia with a sense of reassurance thanks to Travel Insurance Master, World Nomads, and SafetyWing – trusted insurers who provide the best plans for your travels. That way, should anything unexpected arise during your stay in Colombia, you can relax knowing that you’re covered!

      Cartagena Travel Planning Guide

      🚰 Is it safe to drink water in Colombia?
      Yes! — It is indeed safe to drink tap water in Colombia. Not in all areas but people usually do not get sick and prevent it by using the Water-To-Go filtered to bottle. (Read more)

      🚗 Is it safe to rent a car in Cartagena?
      Yes — Renting a car in Colombia is one of the best ways to see the country because public transportation cannot reach everywhere! I always rent with Discover Cars, which checks both international companies and local Colombian companies, so you get the best rates. (Read more)

      🚤 Interested in renting a boat in Cartagena?
      Here you Go! — Looking for a relaxing way to explore the pristine marine reef of Colombia? Why not rent a boat and see the islands at your own pace? No need to worry about others cramping your style! (Read more)

      ☀️ When is the best time to travel to Cartagena?
      Cartagena is enjoyable throughout the year, but November to March is typically the best time to visit. (Read more)

      🎒 Is it safe to travel to Cartagena?
      Absolutely yes! —I am going to reveal all the secret tips that no one tells you about safety in Colombia! (Read more)

      📴 Will my phone work in Cartagena?
      Maybe — It depends on your company, so check with your provider. If you don’t have a free Colombia service, buy a Claro SIM Card once landed in Colombia. (Read more)

      🛌🏼 What’s the best way to book my Cartagena accommodations?
      For Cartagena hotels, Booking is the best site, but for hostels, use Hostel World. If you’re considering a Colombia Airbnb, don’t forget to also check Couchsurfing, which is free and you stay with locals.

      💤 Provide me with the best accommodations available in Cartagena, Colombia
      Given Cartagena’s division by neighborhoods, I have decided to compile a variety of lists showcasing the types of accommodations available in each area.
      🏨 Top Best All Inclusive Resorts in Cartagena Colombia
      🤑 Luxury Hotels
      🏠 Beach House Villas in Cartagena
      🌴 Best Colombian Beaches Resorts
      🛌🏼 Cartagena Best Hostel Experiences
      17 Best Cheap Hotels in Cartagena Colombia
      Cartagena Glamping

      🧳 What do I pack for Cartagena?
      Head to the Ultimate Cartagena Packing List to get all the info you need on packing for Colombia (and what not to wear).

      🛩️ What’s the best site to buy Colombia flights?
      For finding cheap Colombian flights, I recommend Kayak.

      🛂 Do I need a visa for Colombia?
      Likely Not — U.S., Canadian, and most European Passport holders don’t need a visa for Colombia. BUT check here to see if you do a Colombia travel visa. The majority of travelers will receive a 90-Day stamp Tourist Visa upon arrival. (Read more Colombia Travel Tips)

      To make sure you are comfortable with all aspects of the insurance policy, including CFAR claims and your deductible, take time to carefully read the fine print or reach out to the company before buying a travel insurance policy.