AAA do not hesitate to contact me if… 
You have complaints about HORRORS…ehm I meant spelling errors, I’m just done with middle school okay? Be kind.  
You are going to send me chocolate or any kind of candy, cakes and especially chocolate fudge cake! 
Flowing in you the same Chemical IDIOCY as me and simply want to have a chat with someone who understands you! Welcommi to the club amigo.
You have the same Chemical IDIOCY as me and need to speak with someone who can completely understands you.
– Need anything else except: if you need money, want to invite me to a Pepper dinner with eggplant (blah, no guys I don’t really like them, I like sushi though so go ahead inviting me) or if you want to marry me…. No available sorry!
Well? What are you waiting for? Write me! 🙂