Don’t let this calm scenery fools you!

San Gil can be very exciting when you let it be.

Still thriving over 300 years since its foundation, Colombia’s adventure capital is the perfect place to get your adrenaline pumping!
Paragliding, cliff jumping, bungee jumping, whitewater rafting, and waterfall rappelling: they have it all. You can even explore theirs caves.

It’s such a beautiful little town. Whatever adventure you choose, San Gil will not disappoint!

Leaving behind our adventure in Minca & Frencise (she decided to do the Ciduad Perdida trek), Andrea and I ventured out to San Gil!
Arriving in San Gil after an exhausting bus ride, we just decided to take it “easy”. Indeed we just woke up without an alarm, then decided to plan out stay. The guy at the front desk intrigued us to trying rafting!! It was the perfect day for doing it since the weather reached the highest risk level ever.

While we switched room, the guy confirmed our spot at the rafting experienced.

Why do I live this life? Simply because I’m responsible for it, just as you’re responsible for yours.
The thoughts and choices you make every day have everything to do with what your life is like right now.

Rafting in San Gil with Colombia Rafting Expeditions in Colombia, is one of those things that can make you truly alive!

What a day – we got home more tired as before! Therefore after this exciting experience we went directly to sleep.

Since we still had 2 whole days for spending in San Gil, we went grocery in local markets & went back at the hostel for having breakfast. At the right moment we sat down and I was about to bite into my breakfast, the hostel’s owner kicked us out the hostel by telling us there is no more room for us the following nights. Well, we ate in a rush and just packed our stuff & went to the new hostel in which were staying a lot of people we just met at the rafting experience.

Once at the new Hostel, I noticed a list of people signed up for paragliding with a playful tone I asked “Would still be possible join the group for paragliding?”
She just made a call but my body already knew the answer, and she said “Well, yes! Just be ready in 5, they’re gonna pick you up!”
With an excitement look at each others, Andrea & I went changing and packing our stuff (again yes!), also packing our grocery and put everything in the fridge. The receptionist has been really nice, at some point in the middle of organizing our grocery she just said “Just go, I will take care of the rest girls” just because the paragliding stuff came picking us up in the blink of an eye!

Then I realized just how scary paragliding could be? As much fun it was, I just will never try this again! It’s a cool adventure but once in a lifetime (for me). It’s scary being so high altitude and the seat didn’t do enough to reassure me.

On advantage speaking Spanish in this case: the guide explained me about the Chicamocha Canyon we were flying on. We did rafting into the Chicamocha River named after the Canyon. Who would thought this is the second largest Canyon in the world? Because of its majesty, Chicamocha Canyon was even nominated to be part of the 7 world’s natural wonder in 2009.

Visiting this Canyon from above didn’t just leave me amazed by its majestic landscapes (being afraid, the landscape really relaxed me) but it left me breathless for all the adrenaline I was feeling practicing paragliding along it.

After this beautiful experience along with Brianna, we went to natural pools. Who doesn’t love them? I had a blast at those natural pools near San Gil, Colombia. It was all very refreshing and local.

This time we didn’t end up sleeping at the hostel, we went playing “Tejo” with all the people of the hostel. It was a lot of fun, at least for me because I could at least throw the rock and one way or another I was scoring points LOL.

Around 22 we were on the way back at the hostel, but we ended up at the main square instead. This city is also alive 24/7! Here locals are catching up for drinks at night and spending time together (as going out with friends for a drink but in a better outdoor beautiful place). Fun fact? We met our rafting’s guide and the reception’s guy of our first hostel; they invited us to a private salsa party. I mean, why not? Let’s go with the locals and discover hidden gems!

Of course we had street food back in the city before leaving for the salsa party. Yum!

It was such endless fun night were I learnt for the first time ever Salsa dancing. (After dancing Salsa in Latin America I just started to appreciate it more and more, I even started having salsa lessons in order to keep up with it). Sweaty, happy and tired we walked back at the hostel sleeping.

Walking back at the hostel be like LOL.

Little sleep and with the head up my ass, we headed to Barichara! You should absolutely visit it! It’s so dreamy!

This historic town is one of the best-preserved colonial villages in Colombia. It’s whitewashed buildings and cobblestone streets make it a movieset wonderland. Ever since it’s declared a national monument in 1978, substantial reconstruction efforts kept the village looking the same as 300 years ago. This is a must visit while in Colombia, the real inner old Colombia!

However it was such a beautiful experience, I wouldn’t suggest visiting it while having hangover, too bad (Please, do not be as stupid as me!).

Unfortunately, it was already time to leave this amazing experience that left us exhausted behind. It was now time for taking the horror night bus and heading to the magical Medellin where we would reunite with Frencise.