Falling in love with life again!

I haven’t been on social for a while, after coming back from Ecuador. Honestly, I landed back home, went straight to work, and the next day I woke up not feeling well. As if my body collapsed and had no energy to do anything at all anymore. And before I knew it, tears started to scroll down my cheeks and I began to sob out of nowhere.

Sometimes going back to reality is hard. Not that I hate my actual situation but it made me realize that for sure I have to change some situations back home: starting from my job and cutting off people that do not reflect my own energy from my life.

Ecuador for sure left a huge imprint in me and I’m thankful that someone remind me that I am not an idiot but I am a Goofball. This person also reminds me that in this hopeless place love is still possible making me fall in love with life even more.

I can’t stress enough with saying South America is such a wonderful country; from conquering the Cotopaxi volcano altitude of 5’100 meters… hiking in wonderful volcanoes lakes… being in the middle of the Earth… rafting in one of the risky rivers of Ecuador… paragliding up in Ecuadorian’s sky… going catching Waterfalls… diving down deep of 35 meters… Thanks, Ecuador for showing me again that everyone else is wrong.. that most fear comes from the imagination of the creation of most Hollywood movies.

People live with little and still wear the most beautiful thing on them: their smile. So, there is no need to stress about things that happened: if they happened, it was meant to be. So, travel! Just go with the flow and enjoy it. Let the adventure surprises you by putting you out of your comfort zone for even just once!

I surrounded myself with people matching my same energy. And they for sure added so much value on this trip.. each of them (YOU if you are reading :))! “Life is a journey. The best stops are the special people”. And not only people…  I happened to be surrounded by a lot of sharks and other beautiful marina animals too!

Being on 5’100 meters conquering Cotopaxi volcano made me feel alive again, I reached the highest happiness ever! At the same time, I felt powerless in front of such beauty. But then find me in front of a waterfall and freaking out. Its majesty’s power left me completely breathless. 

Going around South America is pretty cheap. Indeed bus transportation is the best and efficient way to travel around. A long-distance ride can cost around 3-7$.

Pretending to be South American but being caught every time I spoke up Spanish. Ups my bad.

And so, with every trip, experience, and adventure I just learned to breathe all in… every moment.. every encounter.. every day… and I am wondering where this beautiful experience called life is heading me to. As my soul already know that my place is somewhere out of this place I called home.

With love Giorgy.