How is traveling with Giorgy?

I wrote this post featuring some personal facts about my life, and as someone would describe me: “With a colossal love for the sea and a big contagious smile, this Switzerland girl made my desire to know the world increase, even more, she will continue traveling and will surely have many more stories to share the next time we meet.

I invite you to dig deep into her travel blog, in each story if you close your eyes for a few seconds I can assure you that you will feel like the bastard son of Bear Grylls and Alexander Supertramp.”

It’s time to break down the list so you can learn a little more about the dreamy side of my traveler soul, hopefully, by putting a big smile on your face. Are you ready for it? Well, grab a bowl of popcorn and enjoy it!


13 things about traveling with G-Extreme aka Giorgy

  1. She brings the smallest backpack you can imagine for long international trips:
  2. She will talk to absolutely everyone and can make friends with anyone;
  3. She speaks English really well and switched to Italian when she’s frustrated;
  4. She uses the angel face emoji constantly;
  5. She has stamps for 49 countries in her passport, at least half of it is full of stamps;
  6. She passes the time on long hikes by making fun Llama noises and playing lots of littler tricks on other hikers;
  7. She makes “creative” nicknames like Mate – a genius combination of Matt and Nate;
  8. She may not be the fastest hiker, but she will finish the hike, even getting all the way up to the glacier on Cotopaxi;
  9. She appreciates a good curry with lots of ginger;
  10. I can assure you that she is definitely a Part-time dreamer, full time Goofball!
  11. She gets people up mountains no matter what! Thanks again for pushing me to reach the top by following the blue ribbons.
  12. She only gives you good energy because her mind is always set on positivity.
  13. She had a big influence on me – like all the languages she knows, and how fun her life is with all the travel and access to talk to people! I was like I need to get on her level!
  14. She hikes at exactly her pace, so walking with her really helps you to slow down, enjoy nature and really notice what is around you.
  15. She is a very enthusiastic prankster, especially when she is creating elaborate pranks for other Inca trail groups (ahem…the guacamole group) with extremely “realistic” llama noises.
  16. She is a champion at the game Dables. She is so quick, it’s almost unbelievable, and playing against a Crabby kid is always hard.
  17. She is always taking timelapse videos…of clouds, sunsets, candy-making classes, etc., and she doesn’t let anyone walk in front of her timelapse videos. These videos usually turn out to be very cool.
  18. She will always order a glass of maracuyá juice, and will frequently accidentally order Jugo de maracuyá for the entire table, which is why G extreme is so amazing.

So much appreciation for people who full field this list and how it is traveling with G-Extreme looks like… Me, myself, and I!

Have you ever traveled with me? Did I ever inspire you and it’s nowadays stuck with you that you’d like to share?