How to plan your unforgettable weekend getaway!

This pandemic has made me realize how underrated weekend trips are. Being stuck at home this whole time, unable to travel or move as freely as I used to; so here I am… Giorgy realized that planning a weekend trip could be all you need to unwind and rejuvenate while still maintaining safety measures.

So if you feel the same and are longing for an experience that will help you escape the tedious routine, keep reading about how to plan an unforgettable perfect weekend getaway! You will then understand that you don’t really need to go on long vacations to find peace.

For the average traveler planning a trip can be an arduous and quite overwhelming process. It’s actually a very hard process, from setting a budget to choosing a destination that speaks to you to accommodation and packing can also prove to be tricky, especially if you’re going on a short trip!

But fear not! This is why G-Extreme takes over by showing you some tips on how to make a weekend getaway trip possible!



Are you a beach person or more a city lover? Do you want a slow-paced trip where you can relax and de-stress or do you want to explore every edge of a new place and get into a new adventure?
To choose a location, you really have to know WHAT KIND OF TRIP you want.

Are you planning a romantic getaway with a partner or a fun trip with family or friends?
The COMPANY is also an important factor, keeping your interests in mind while choosing your destination can be a deal-breaker when it comes to the QUALITY of your trip.
P.s. If your friends’ bail on you, go alone! This happened to me a lot of times, to be honest, I then started to do solo travel trips. Do you wanna know the fun part of it? Especially if your main accommodation is going to be a hostel, you are going to end up being surrounded by strangers that in a blink of an eye are going to become friends of yours. If you are an open-minded person will 100% surely happen, and having international friends will allow you to just visit them and be able to travel around their own hometown with a personal local guide 🙂

Do you want to reach your destination by car, train or plane?
Bear in mind that this is a short trip, so it is important to PICK A PLACE THAT’S NOT TOO FAR FROM HOME so you wouldn’t have to spend half the time-traveling rather than enjoying your weekend getaway trip! You might want to take off early on Friday so you can enjoy your weekend with your adventurous buddy/buddies to the fullest!

Remember to be flexible and don’t be scared to splurge a little if there is a place you’ve always dreamed of visiting.

Useful Tip: While picking your destination, make sure to check if there are any modified regulations that have taken place due to COVID-19, as some facilities and services might be limited or have different regulations than before in certain areas!

Hey Goofball! Not sure and still wondering where to plan a weekend getaway for your next trip? Here have a look, G-Extreme has set up a list of top picks of the best cities for an amazing getaways weekend in Europe.


Giorgy heard you already know where to head for your weekend away?

Now it’s time to check whether the destination you pick matches the weather. In fact, picking the best time to travel is going to affect your choice of accommodation, what to pack, and the activities you can do.

Needless to say, planning ahead of schedule could drastically affect your experience, especially if you are planning on camping or staying outdoors during your weekend getaway. So try to get a reliable weather forecast before you head to your chosen destination in order to make the best out of your weekend away.

Useful Tip: Consider the current weather before you pick your location, especially if you want to plan a last-minute getaway! Otherwise, take the risk and go with the flow: you alone should suffer the consequences of your own choices, no one else neither Giorgy 😀


You save the whole year to go on vacation, when you go there you start to spend money like monopoly. Totaly G-Extreme, jokes aside, money could be the one thing standing between you and your trip, this is why having a budget of your expenses beforehand is so important.

Of course, weekend gateways aren’t as expensive as long vacations, but being mindful of your expenses can save you from any money stress and hurt nobody!

Some magical tricks for saving some money: avoiding peak seasons such as holiday weekends where flight tickets and accommodation are at their most expensive; packing light if you’re traveling by plane in order to save you money on paying extra baggage fees; and doing some research about local restaurants and shops avoiding so spending an arm and a leg by going into touristic popular areas.

As Giorgy does, setting up a separate vacation budget savings account and depositing some money into it each month. By doing so you can plan amazing future vacations comfortably!


And on and on it spins, picking the best place to stay largely depends on who you are traveling with and what you plan on doing during your trip.

You are going to get the most of your vacation time if you wisely choose a location somewhere close to the action. If you are going to the beach, make sure to choose a place nearby saving you time avoiding going to and fro. If you are planning on sightseeing, choose a place close to the main attractions so you don’t lose time on transportation.

Whatever you choose, rooming nearby always helps you stay in the spirit of your weekend getaway! 


Planning an itinerary can be a nightmare for many people, but the good thing about weekend trips is that they are short and simple, so there is no need to go overboard with the planning.

Before heading to your destination, it’s important to do some research on the reading of interest like museums, restaurants, or natural attractions if you’re staying outdoors and make a list of the places you’d love to visit.

Useful Tip: Time is an important factor here, so if you’re planning on visiting landmarks, calculate the average time it takes to get to each place and how far they are from each other.


No one is ever sure what to bring on a trip, and because Giorgy wants to be sure to remove completely that confusional look on your face, here is always what I remember me: pack light. Remember that this is a short trip, so packing light can save you a lot of stress, money, and time – in the worst scenario, you have some free space for doing local shopping at the chooses destination, little shopping doesn’t hurt anybody!

Packing according to the activities you will be doing can be very helpful as well. You should only pack two or three outfits and one to two pairs of shoes. Packing some light snacks can save you also money from spending them eating fast food or unhealthy meals.

Here is a list of G-Extreme essentials that I think is a good place to start if you have no idea what to pack for your trip! You can always adjust it according to your needs and circumstances of time:

  • Your favorite comfortable walking shoesyou might want to avoid ending up with blisters and sore feet while exploring;
  • A lightweight suitcase or backpackI personally prefer a backpack because you can easily use it as a daily bag too;
  • A waist bag – In case you decided to take a suitcase instead, having a waist bag could be handy and use can use it as a daily bad while exploring;
  • Packing cubesthey make it so easy to organize and save a lot of space in your luggage (they saved me on different occasions);
  • One outfit per day – with layers for temperature changes;
  • Lightweight rain jacketyou never know, sometimes weather is unpredictable and changes as people change their minds sometimes or like Giorgy… going on one direction but find myself elsewhere;
  • A pair of pants;
  • Nightwear and underwear;
  • Hot weather suggestions – Hat, Sunglasses, and Sunscreen:
  • Cold weather suggestions – Beanie, Scarf, and Gloves;
  • Book or Kindle – this is a good thing so you don’t spend too much time on social media;
  • Phone charger, universal plug adaptor, headphones, and Power bank;
  • Travel-sized toiletries and basic makeup items – LUSH besides solving your travel liquids dilemma, it’s giving you amazing travel-friends beauty
  • Wallet, cash, tickets… do not forget your passport!!! – sometimes you are so concentrated on what to pack that you actually forget the essentials, Giorgy almost left her passport before her trip to Peru;
  • Offline maps, guidebook, and notes about your destination.

LUSH help me with one of my biggest travel light dilemmas: travel liquids.

No Shalom is not a traveler, she is lazy and prefers to stay home pampered by mom! But, she is so damn fluffy cute, isn’t she?


Since the point of a weekend getaway is to take a break from the stress of living during a global pandemic and the hassle of work and responsibilities, it’s important to take some time to yourself and try to relax.

While it’s difficult to not check your email every hour, try your best to disconnect from your phone and electronic devices and spend quality time with your buddy companion, new people around you and immerse yourself in the new, or already known, culture and brief completely the whole experience.

G-Extreme usually put her phone on Airplane Mode, truly improving the trip and helping come back feeling refreshed! Doing so help me to come back with a fresh mind and elaborate on situations or problems in my real life that I couldn’t face before.

I create those tips for planning a simple and relaxed weekend trip without feeling overwhelmed and stressed!

Weekend getaways well planned are going to serve you with a wonderful time to reconnect with the people you love (also simply reconnect back within yourself) and get back on track if you were feeling a little drained, so don’t take these travel plans for granted and enjoy the free time you have at the fullest!

Hopefully, it was helpful enough to let you already plan your next weekend trip: tell me where are you heading to? Did my guide come in handy for planning your adventurous trip? Let me know in the comments below!

P.s. do you know this little guy named after COVID-19? Remember, we are still in the middle of a pandemic, so stay safe, stick to social distancing rules, and also follow the country-selected rules! Don’t be too much a ruler breaker.


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For the average traveler, planning a trip can be quite overwhelming, and picking where to go and what to see can also prove to be tricky, especially if you’re going on a short trip. But fear not! This is why G-Extreme is here.