Tierra Bomba Cartagena

Isla Tierra Bomba Cartagena: Step-by-Step Local English Guide [2024]

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    Have you been wondering Tierra Bomba Cartagena? I’ve got you covered!

    Welcome, my friend, to the magical Tierra Bomba Island, a hidden gem just a quick 15-minute boat ride away from the bustling streets of Cartagena (UNESCO World Heritage of Colombia)!

    As someone who had the pleasure of living just a stone’s throw away from this tropical paradise back in 2019, I can personally vouch for the island’s charm and allure. I’ve soaked in the sun on its pristine sands, feasted on the freshest seafood, and partaken in the captivating local culture.

    So, if you’re looking to swap the city’s lively chaos for a tranquil beach day, you’ve come to the right place.

    My Top 3 Picks: Beach-Passes for Tierra Bomba

    #1 Top Pick
    Enjoy a Beach-Day Pass at Blue Apple Beach in Tierra Bomba Cartagena.


    Blue Apple Beach Day Trip from Cartagena: Music and Beach Vibe

    ✅ All transportation included for hassle-free logistics

    ✅ 3-course lunch included

    ✅ Relaxing or enjoying water sports

    #2 Pick
    Copy of Untitled Design 7 G-Extreme

    Palmarito Beach Full Day from Cartagena with Lunch

    ✅ Transporation included

    ✅ Lunch & welcome drink

    #3 Pick
    Copy of Untitled Design 8 G-Extreme

    Eteka – Tierra Bomba Day Trip from Cartagena

    ✅ Transportation from/to Hotel and Tierra Bomba

    ✅ Three course lunch & welcome drink

    ✅ Use of the semi-private beach

    tierra bomba cartagena

    Tierra Bomba Cartagena

    As your local expert, I’m thrilled to share my insider tips and secrets to help you experience Tierra Bomba Island at its absolute best.

    tierra bomba cartagena

    How to Get to Isla de Tierra Bomba from Cartagena: Step-by-Step

    Tierra Bomba, located near Cartagena, offers the convenience of a day trip. Unlike Isla Grande, which requires more time, the boat ride to Tierra Bomba takes just 10 to 25 minutes.

    In order to reach it out, you can choose from two options to reach Tierra Bomba from Cartagena.

    tour tierra bomba cartagena

    #1. OPTION: Take the Local Boat Lancha to Tierra Bomba

    This is the cheapest way to reach Tierra Bomba, but I suggest it just if you speak Spanish!

    To begin, head towards the beach near the Bocagrande hospital. Upon arrival, you’ll come across a multitude of small boats.

    Engage with the boat operators and convey your desired destination. It’s worth noting that some captains may be hesitant to set sail if your group consists of fewer than 5-6 individuals, or they may require a higher fare per person.

    USEFUL TIP: For a one-way journey, the approximate cost of the boat trip is 10,000 COP per person.

    Beware of captains who may attempt to mislead you into going to a different beach club. It’s recommended to have a clear destination in mind beforehand.

    Politely inform them that you will settle the payment upon their return to pick you up!

    tour tierra bomba cartagena

    #2. OPTION: Get the Daily Beach-Pass from a Beach Club

    Several beach clubs in Tierra Bomba sell day passes with transportation included. It is more expensive but much easier.

    tierra bomba cartagena

    Tierra Bomba Things to Do

    You might think that this place boasts crystal clear waters, but, regrettably, it falls short of that expectation. However, its waters still offer the perfect conditions for engaging in various water activities.

    If you’re looking to take a dip and cool off from the Colombian heat, you’ll find that Tierra Bomba’s shallow waters are ideal for swimming.

    This small island with its day trips is one of the locals’ favorite places to party on the weekend. Let’s explore the best beach clubs of Tierra Bomba, Cartagena, ideal for parties!

    Whatever you do in Isla Tierra Bomba, enjoy it!

    bomba beach club cartagena

    A. Suroeste de Tierra Bomba

    One of the best aspects of the island is the scarcity of street vendors, contributing to a serene and peaceful atmosphere.

    The island boasts not just one, but two remarkable beach clubs, offering exquisite amenities and unforgettable experiences for beachgoers.

    • Blue Apple Beach: Get sunbed, two-course lunch, two cocktails, unlimited water, and transportation for just 230,000 COP (weekdays).
    • Makani: Upgrade your experience at Makani Beach Club for 190,000 COP. Enjoy more privacy, private pools, and access to the spa.
    Expect a relaxing atmosphere at Blue Apple Beach!

    bomba beach club cartagena

    B. Playa Linda

    For a more serene day trip to Tierra Bomba, Playa Linda is an excellent choice.

    Unlike other beaches, Playa Linda offers a vast expanse without any luxury beach clubs. If you seek relaxation, head to Amare Beach, a charming wooden house painted in white and pink located at the end of Playa Linda.

    Here, the owners prioritize authenticity over materialism, and the staff focuses on three essential aspects: great drinks, delicious food, and captivating music.

    Enjoy a peaceful and fulfilling experience at Playa Linda!

    • Playa Amare: For 165,000 COP, you get 120k of consumable credit, transportation, a beautiful sandy beach, and access to the 25m pool.
    Tell me you are in Colombia without telling me ! Hammocks everywhere!

    punta arena cartagena playa

    C. Punta Arena

    Punta Arena on Tierrabomba is the closest beach to the city of Cartagena, where the magnificent Cartagena Fort Castillo Grande buildings are still visible. And it offers the best tourist infrastructure of the entire Island.

    Along the shoreline, you’ll find a plethora of local bars adorned with vibrant plastic chairs and umbrellas crafted from dried palm leaves.

    For travelers seeking a more contemporary and comfortable experience during their day trip to Tierrabomba, there are several clubs worth exploring.

    INSIDE TIPS: Tierra Bomba has its drawbacks including numerous street vendors, less appealing beaches, and occasionally dirty sea water!

    Punta Arena located in Tierra Bomba Cartagena, offers you a beautiful view over the Walled City of Cartagena!

    tierra bomba cartagena

    Overnight in Tierra Bomba Cartagena: Where to Stay

    Here are two of the best Tierra Bomba hotels.

    tour punta arena tierra bomba cartagena


    Hotel Felix offers a relaxing beach experience with Instagrammable settings, planned activities, and improved facilities. Delicious breakfast, though food and drinks can be pricey.

    The staff is friendly and helpful, creating an excellent atmosphere. Don’t miss their dance classes!

    tour punta arena cartagena


    Experience luxury and trendiness at Hotel Blue Apple Beach. Indulge in delicious meals and relax in well-decorated and comfortable rooms.

    Enjoy fun events on weekends and an excellent horseback riding experience.

    The facilities and pool area are delightful.

    punta arena en cartagena

    Things You Need to Know Before Going to Tierra Bomba Cartagena

    • Don’t expect crystal-clear waters, as mentioned above already.
    • Opt for Rosario Islands or San Bernardo Archipelago for the beautiful white sand beaches.
    • You’ll spend most of the time within the hotel property. To ensure a peaceful stay, it is advisable to steer clear of cabanas located near bars, as they tend to be quite noisy. Additionally, opting for a hotel package is recommended, as the surrounding infrastructure may be limited outside of the hotel premises.
    • It’s not budget-friendly!
    Things you should know before booking or visiting Isla Tierra Bomba!

    tierra bomba cartagena

    FAQs Tierra Bomba Cartagena

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    Daily Trips from Cartagena

    – Visit the Mercado Bazurto when in Cartagena
    – Visit the beautiful Rosario Islands, or the Rincon del Mar fish town or Isla Tierra Bomba.
    – Don’t miss out on visiting the still existing Jurassic Park aka Tayrona National Park
    – History lover? Pay a visit to the stunning town of Palenque, or visit the museums the city has to offer, such as the magnificent Emeralds and the historical Cartagena Fort!
    – Bird lover? Combine a visit to Rosario Island with the Aviary of Colombia!
    – Combine a tour to the Mud Volcano and the visit to the Pink Sea of Colombia
    – Choose one of the best 7 Highest Rated Colombia Cartagena Island Tours
    – Exploring Cartagena in a local way: the Chiva bus!
    – Don’t forget about the most stunning Catamaran Tour in Cartagena
    – Get ready to be spellbound! Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the breathtaking beauty of the Rainbow River, also known as Cano Cristales, in Colombia.
    – Join one of the FREE Walking Tour of Cartagena or join a bike tour of the city
    – Enhance your culinary skills by participating in a Cooking Class that brings the experience of gourmet cooking right to your home.

    tierra bomba cartagena

    Wrap-Up: Tierra Bomba Cartagena

    In the end, visiting Tierra Bomba Cartagena is all about embracing the journey and soaking up the local culture, far away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

    Whether you’re lounging on the beach with a cocktail in hand or chilling on the beach, Tierra Bomba promises an experience steeped in tranquility, authenticity, and just the right amount of adventure.

    So, if you’re craving a day of serene relaxation or a party with locals, this hidden gem is worth considering on your next trip to Cartagena.

    If you enjoyed reading this post and want to make the most out of your visit, be sure to check out our subsequent posts detailing the best daily itineraries in Cartagena. Keep exploring and happy travels!

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