Life is short, it can come and go like a feather in the wind.

When I was traveling through Nicaragua, exactly in Isla Ometepe, I had a scooter accident.

I believe it was meant to happen. I let a stranger without a driving license riding a scooter with me sitting in the back as a passenger and just watching letting it happen. It was like my body already felt it thtat we were about to crash, as my soul already knew what was about to happen….

That feeling one has inside, the inner gut is always right in the end and denying it to oneself without trusting that feeling in the end only backfires.

Instead of saying out loud to STOP riding immediately, I let him hitting into that speed bump by causing us catapulted to the ground.

We weren’t even wearing helmets… That big, hard, knuckleheadhead I have on my shoulders, as hard as my stubbornness and stupidity in thinking: “Yeah, what do you think would happen if I don’t wear a helmet for once!”. Luckily for me nothing, it could have ended much worse. We were definitely LUCKY.

The more I felt like we were going to crash any time soon, the more my body seemed to get ready of falling on the floor. My forearms were completely scratched and burned, testifying to the fact that just after the impact I instinctively closed myself up in the manner of turtel by preventing my head being hurt.

I ignored that feeling I had that something was going to happen and it finally did. I was lucky. In the fall the guy who was driving acted as a mitigating factor, I literally fell on top of him, and yet despite that I ended up with a huge scratch on my left leg and ankle. The ankle…the very first thing I remember doing once I stood up after the accident was just to checking it. The first thing I felt at that moment was like it was on fire. I was afraid that I had broken something, but thankfully moving it around made me realize that everything looked more or less okay.

The shorts saved my leg. That day I was wearing a pair similar to jeans so very stiff they cushioned the impact and severity of the injuries. If I had worn anything else I would have had to come home on the first flight the next day.

There was still 20km between us and what for that momnet felt home to us. It was the worst and longest ride of my life. The sun had already set and in the dark I was driving at 20 km/h, if not less, all backwards than before. Every time I approached a speedbump the image of us rolling on the ground would light up in my mind, it was on a loop.. like an old CDs played on continuous repeat mode.
Behind me, in the passenger seat, was Jake who wouldn’t stop apologizing, as if everything that had happened wasn’t bad enough.

I wanted to scream, but I kept quite.
I wanted to go back home, but I took time to reflect & be on my own.

Finally arrived at the hostel I took a shower, a coldy one, trying to clean away from my skin what had just happened. BUT it was too late, that incident left an indelible mark that will never fade away. The hostel staff came to my rescue with some Aloe Vera for my wounds after which I went to bed. I was finally alone with my concenrns and worries.

What a night.. thankfully the next day my family and friends reassured me by L A U G H I N G.

Laughing because I am still alive.

Laughing because my beautiful face is still untouched.

Laughing even thought the miles apart, we feel closer than ever.

Laughing because I had two new friends: Geltrude & Beltrude (my crutches).

Laughing because I made it out with unbroken bones.

Laughing because I didn’t lose heart.

Laughing because life is beautiful.

Laughing because I was surrounded by amazing people.

Laughing because hope is the last to die.

Laughing because I looked like a little spider climbing the stairs to reach my bed (it was the only way without hurting myself).

Laughing because my stubbornness is stronger than me.


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I realized how lucky I am and that life can come and go like a feather in the wind. One moment you’re living a happy life and the next you’re gone forever. I have learned to appreciate every second of my life as if it were my last, living every single moment to the fullest. Because you never know what can happen next.

The scars from that incident are gonna stay with me forever as a permanent, unforgettable marks. I thought of covering them up – it would be one of the biggest mistakes I could possibly do in my life (along with others I’ve already made, I’m not perfect either). Now I look at them and smile, they will always remind me that life should be lived every day at the fullest expression of oneself.ย 

A Hymn to life “Life is beautiful, live it while you can!”.