LUSH – The Lifetime Pass-worries-free for Airport Security

This post was written in partnership with Lush. So the thoughts and opinions expressed here are entirely my own and based on my own experiences.

Before any trip, either long or short, you find yourself with a desperate look on your face wondering what the allowance for the travel liquids is. And if you are a “light” backpacker like me, this could become a real pain in the ass… especially when you get to the point of “carry-on luggage” and “liquids”, not getting along very well. (A little bit like Giorgy and her stubbornness LOL).

Back in 2020 (January 1st) I decided to take a new path in my life: becoming a vegetarian. COVID was kind of a wake-up call for me for different reasons in life, therefore something changed inside me. Not only did I become vegetarian through food, but toward the environment and my surroundings. So, with the help of my friend Sam, I stepped foot for the very first time in the LUSH store in our little Locarno town, in Ticino, Switzerland.

Beyond simply being convenient in everyday life, LUSH help me with one of my biggest travel light dilemmas: travel liquids.

Did you know they sell their articles in different size-bottle? Small (100 gr/3.5 oz), medium (225 gr/7.9 oz), and big (475 gr/16.75 oz), which btw the small size is the perfect fit for a carry-on backpack. This stuff is magic in a bottle and also SOLID mode. Yup, depending on your preferences, you can find most of the LUSH liquid products in SOLID format too.

Moreover, LUSH offers essential, travel-friendly beauty that allows you to travel the world worries-free. I mean, what else?!

Because nobody wants their bag to be taken for extra checks or to be parted from their favorite bottle of perfume. So, thanks to Lush you are going to secure yourself a lifetime of pass-worries-free airport security, a way to remove dealing with the mess and weight of liquids in carry-on luggage, and also another way to reduce plastic in your daily life.


About LUSH

Before unveiling the magic, let me explain more about LUSH!

Lush was founded in 1995 when G-Extreme aka Girogy was born (what a coincidence eh?) by six co-founders: Mo Constantine, Rowena Bird, Helen Ambrosen, Liz Bennett, and Paul Greeves. Because their previously founded catalog mail-orders business “Cosmetics To Go”, didn’t end up well, they decided to start a new beginning together with LUSH.

I love Lush’s principle a lot, it is NO ANIMAL TESTING. For whatever purpose, LUSH doesn’t buy raw materials from companies that test on animals which makes me love this principle a lot. Read more to discover more about their principle and how does LUSH implement the principle of cruelty-free testing, how does it tests products, Lush Prize, and a video about animal testing too.

In addition, most of their products are vegetarian if not VEGAN! This means there is no use of components of dead animals and over 90% are suitable for the vegan clientele. Moreover, ff you ever put a foot into their store, you would have noticed a large part of their products is unpackaged, i.e. naked. Indeed another Lush principle is turning old plastic into new! If the packaging is necessary, they use recycled materials such as bottles made of plastic PET… recycling them all over again.

Amazing, isn’t it? I hope it’s also extremely beautiful and eye-opening learning so much about Lush impact and how little changes can make a big difference. The road to a completely packaging-free and animal cruelty world is still a long one, but the one for pass-worries-free airport security is just around the corner! 

Lush Products

Forget about trying to make it work with just a bottle of shampoo! LUSH has a massive range of products to body and hair clean products, condition, makeup, style, perfumes, and leave your looking and smelling fresh. Everybody, strap yourselves in because Giorgy aka G-Extreme is about to share a list with personal reviews of Lush Products Essential for your next travel trip!


Lush has to offer a vast of different products for showers. Because G-Extreme has, almost, already tried all these kinds of products, I would suggest using shower gel, showerjellys (a fun way to shower lifting up your daily mood), or body conditioner (for an extra taking care of your skin).

These products are all made from freshly squeezed fruit juices, herbal infusions, and fragrant oils that invigorate the body and mind. I suggest you go to the nearest shop of yours and try yourself, you won’t be disappointed at all. What are you waiting for?

P.s. do not forget what I said before, the products come in an array of different sizes so you can bring your LUSH even when you just have a carry-on with you, totally winning against the airport security check.


From solid to liquid shampoo, also here LUSH won’t let you down. Discover the fresh ingredients from citrus groves, flower meadows, and from the sea to repair your hair.

As Giorgy, you are going to fall in love with every single sniff of every single product, even when you promise yourself to just buy what you already had… you end up buying half of the shop! Ups… my bad!


The Lush’s conditioner came also in solid or liquid form; if Giorgy has to be completely honest, due to her mop head, I’d suggest going to the wide range of liquid conditioners based on fresh ingredients making your hair shine! Wherever you are heading to!

Shine bright lie a diamond.

P.s. If you happen to have another type of hair, please give a chance at the solid’s conditioners, they won’t disappoint you!


Who doesn’t like to have a great look for a night out while traveling? You have the choice of hair gel, hair cream, hair oil, conditioner hair, and firming care spray… from natural, valuable protection gets the most out of your hair by taking it on holiday with you.

I usually get Super Milk spray which turns out in hair spray and a personal perfume… I mean, when something smells good why not use it as a perfume too? LOL just me “Part-time dreamer, full time Goofball”.

Ohh is Giorgy here? You know I smell cotton candy around me cit.


Products like NO DROUGHT can replace water when you don’t have access to water are worth their weight in gold.

Ideal if you plan on doing a lot of hikes or being on the road and not being able to take a shower; you can for sure use this refreshing Lush dry shampoo: NO DROUGHT! Other than giving you a smell of wonderfully light lemon, grapefruit, and lime, it will give you back a clean look even you sweat your ass off while hiking on the whole day… nobody is gonna know!!!

P.s. exists also as a body powder, similar but not the same use as a dry shampoo… although it gives you a fresh smell on your whole body, it doesn’t really replace the shampoo!


This is absolutely a firm alternative to toothpaste, removing the pain of liquids by giving you a fresh and radiant smile still!

You don’t need necessarily much water for it, so it’s perfect if you are traveling and have no direct access to water.

Hey Goofball! Because LUSH doesn’t sell toothbrushes, doesn’t mean G-Extreme hasn’t the solution for ya: toothbrush set.


There are two types of deodorant solid or powder. In the G-Extreme case, because the powder doesn’t follow her extremist, she prefers using the solid one which gives her freshness and fragrance for the entire day!

If you are looking for another type of product, because the solid doesn’t appeal to you really well, I suggest you use Wild Deo which, btw, is also a vegan product.


G-Extreme barely uses makeup because she tries to be as natural as possible. When I have a special occasion or I want to treat myself, I put some makeup on, which means: a little bit of goldish eyeliner and mascara!

If you check, LUSH offers plenty of make-up products from concealer, eyeliner, permanent foundation, fixed highlighters, lipsticks, mascara, and vegan makeup brushes. In a nutshell, LUSH won’t disappoint you!


Especially on holiday when we want to explore every corner of the new place we got ourselves in, most of the time our face is exposed to the sunlight which means: do not forget of treating it good! Therefore I want to share my favorite facial cream in solid form: it’s light, solid, and… you can bring it with you wherever you go!

I love putting in on my face before nighttime and using the jade roller to massage my face. What else?


Just so you know, this isn’t over! If you are looking for a cool and practical container for your Lush stuff, here you go.

You have a variety of choices: knot wrap made of recycled PET; a cork or aluminum can; and the vegan oilcloth. All of them are an environmentally friendly and reusable packaging alternative for packing or covering you Lush products while traveling around and not only!

These are the true storage boxes for your Lush treasures. Oh and look at Giorgy, she is even using the knot wrap as a sort of hairband (silly girl!).

Prep For Your Next Trip

LUSH is more than just a smart travel beauty hack, represents something bigger, and Giorgy revealed to you just how to travel the world TSA worries-free. the free pass for liquid.

Whether you are traveling light, LUSH has you covered on the sizing front, available worldwide! 

I truly suggest going to the shop in order to get the right product for all your needs; I’m not an expert in this field and each of us has a different type of hair, skin and so on. As I said before the products come in an array of different sizes so you can bring a bigger bottle on long trips or keep it at home, then stash a smaller size in your carry-on.

Hey Goofball! Are you ready to set foot into Lush World for the very first time? Share your travel experience with us!