Top Spots for a weekend getaway in Europe!

If you live in Europe or are currently staying there, you’re in luck because it’s time to put theory to practice as I share with you my very best weekend trips in Europe that aren’t Paris, London, or Barcellona!

Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to varied and interesting destinations that will suit all types of tastes, Europe has a lot to offer. G-Extreme doesn’t like very crowded touristy destinations and she knows you are dying to take your mind off the stresses of life from your city avoiding getting into a much-loved hotspot by coming back as a new and energized person!

This is exactly why I wanted to share some of my best spots for a weekend getaway in Europe that’ll sort out any wanderlust feelings you might have: whether you want to lay back and relax, or buckle up and explore, it is the perfect destination for you, and the best thing about it is how easy and quick it is to move between cities.

Did you just say ZERO HOLIDAY DAYS?

What if you are a full-time worker based in Europe and you can afford to do these weekend trips at the beauty of using ZERO holiday days? Unless you fancy tagging on an extra few days! I don’t blame you, being G-Extreme I would absolutely do the same lol. 

NOTICE: The information here is updated as best we can in light of COVID-19. Please check before you go anywhere what modifications have taken place to avoid any inconvenience!

PLUS: under each of the different places, I put a link including a complete guide for that specific place. So you don’t have to look far away to get the full low-down on each spot without missing any of the weekend spots!

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is one of the most artistic and picturesque cities in Europe; it’s a charming city that you could happily get lost in!

First, pick up a bike. Amsterdam comes second after Copenhagen as the most bike-friendly city in the world and cycling is the most authentic way you could experience this city by exploring its beauty and new hidden gem around the town too.

Keep calm, and just keep cycling!

It’s also known as “Venice of North” because of its canal system where cruises will give you the best view of its charming buildings and the bridges that are lit up with fairy lights after sundown. The relaxed atmosphere and friendly locals make it a great place to unwind and no wonder why is easily one of the best weekend trips in Europe, especially as it’s a unique kind of water city!

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is a unique city that’s widely known for its warm atmosphere that brings its visitors joy; no wonder it’s the second happiest city in the world.

It’s another city that combines ancient history with trendy nightlife, making your stay fun and diverse! In addition to that, Copenhagen offers delicious food and remarkable architecture! The buildings in this city are so colorful and beautiful; you could walk around for hours just to bask in the beauty. Do not miss out on the plenty of museums and landmarks that the city has to offer.

No wonder it’s easy to explore on a weekend however you can get lost in deep in the attractions it has to offer that a weekend might be too short and you might need to come back (Giogy wouldn’t mind it at all)! However, it was one of the best weekend trips in Europe I loved!

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Cinque Terre, Italy

Not only Copenhagen is named after one of the most colorful places to visit, but also Cinque Terre, Italy, is going to give you an amazingly picturesque place to spend a lovely and relaxing weekend in.

Cinque Terre is one of those spots that seem so typically Italian. Close your eyes and imagine hearing thick Italian accents, the smell of the Mediterranean Sea, and the pint of ice cream melting into your mouth, all in a throwback in time town!

Mamma mia, what else?

I don’t blame people organizing more weekend trips (for instance G-Extreme had to visit another two times, ups my bad) in order to visit all the 5 towns: Riomaggiore, Corniglia, Manarola, Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare.

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Split, Croatia

If you are an adventurous enthusiast, going to see the city of Split means pretty much one thing: forget about maps and just get lost deep into the city!

Are you also a Game of Thrones fan? Well, this city won’t disappoint you at all (I’m G-Extreme, not a spoiler lol) giving you the opportunity to see it all amazing city, not so far visiting the beautiful islands and lovely seaside towns.

Don’t miss the opportunity to plan your next weekend trip to Split, Croatia!

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Budapest, Hungary

This city is described by many tourists as the most beautiful city in Europe; it is known for its laid-back nature, its beautiful sights, and plenty of stuff to do day and night. The best part? How much affordable the city is, much cheaper and beautiful than cities like London or Paris!

Budapest, split in two, Buda and Pest, by the beautiful Danube’s river, is the Capital of Hungary and it has a way to keep you entertained by walking along the Danube river and enjoying the view of different sights, cafes, restaurants, and sculptures.

“Why didn’t we visit Budapest before?” the little girl asked her mom. G-Extreme wondered the same when she found herself wandering around Budapest.

Affordability is relative of course but comparing London to Budapest, well, let’s talk! The affordability doesn’t come at the cost of an arm and a leg also at the cost of a lack of exciting things to see, do and eat in this city.

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Florence, Italy

Florence is renowned for being the birthplace of Renaissance art, and it’s full to the brim with gorgeous architecture and places of cultural significance. It was also home to many artists who had a great influence on the art world and inspired innumerable artists all over the world. 

With lots of sights to see and stunning places, Florence is going to make you fall in love again! Take your pick of some of the world’s most wonderful museums, cathedrals, and sights in Florence where you can easily understand why a weekend away in Florence is just what you need.

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Porto, Portugal

Porto is the second-largest city in Portugal, and it’s synonymous with good wine, delicious food, and is perfect for a weekend getaway where you can take in some real Portuguese charm at a leisurely pace.

It’s one of the oldest cities in Europe and it is a colorful charming city that could be a photographer’s dream!

Click… click… click… load of pictures in less than 12 hours… G-Extreme be like 

You can cruise the Douro River and soak up the views of the city, or you could also visit wondrous historical sights like the Palácio da Bolsa and the Church of São Francisco. Don’t miss the beauty and warmth of Porto’s beaches for a breath of fresh air and a fun dip! You can also pay a visit to the world-famous wine cellars where you can try some of the best wines in the world. With its Neo-Gothic style, walking into the Livraria Lello where JK Rowling found inspiration for Hogwarts!

With that said, Porto is the perfect place to visit for a couple of days (or even longer), don’t miss the opportunity to plan it as one of your next weekend getaways in Europe!

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Edinburg, Scotland

If you say London is beautiful, let’s talk about how relaxing and beautiful a weekend away could be in Edinburg!

Fullfield with so many places to see, a huge swash of history, and epics bars; Edinburg will find a way to stick in your heart and make you come back to see more and more at every visit!

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Athens, Greece

Even if you are not an art person, you’ve got to take a weekend trip to Athens.

Morcote, Switzerland

Home sweet home! Of course, I cannot forget to mention Switzerland’s most beautiful spot, and it’s not Zürich, Bern, or Geneva!

In 2016, Morcote was voted the most beautiful village in Switzerland, it’s located on the shore of Lake Lugano and is included in the Inventory of Swiss Heritage Sites. This village is perfect if you’re looking for a beautiful quiet getaway that will put your mind at ease.

While you’re there, you should definitely pay the church of Santa Maria del Sasso a visit. To reach this church, you have to climb about 400 steps, but worry not! You will be accompanied by a beautiful stream and multiple shrines on the way that will make the ascend worth it. In the church, you will find frescoes from various eras, a beautiful stone dome, and an organ built-in in 1700.

You can also soak up the magnificent top view of both the village and the lake from up there!

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So, did I convince you to explore Cinque Terre while ice cream is melting in your mouth or visit Venice of North (or the real Venice) or scroll through the architectural beauty of Florence?

Let me know in the comments below!

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