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As a passionate traveler since 2012 so over 11 years, I have understood the importance of the top-notch important resource.

What Are Resources For Travel? From sensible packing essentials to budget airlines for travelers on their journeys – having an organized checklist can make preparation much easier.

These are the best travel resources I always use and love to ensure your next long trips abroad is stress-free; trusted advice from someone who will never promote anything that they do not believe in.

Travel Resources


How to Find Cheap & Best Flights✈️

These website app are going to be travel resources for finding cheap flights.

Skyscanner – Skyscanner is my go-to for finding a good deal on the best flights. With its customizable best option, you can determine when to travel and which countries offer the greatest value!

Google Flights – Google Flights is an outstanding best way to compare flights from a range of different airline tickets. The “any date” feature they offer is absolutely fabulous! Not only can I easily find the cheapest flight, but also one that best fits my schedule – no matter how flexible or tight it might be.

Skiplagged – I’m giving away my best-kept secret: Skiplagged is the ultimate source for finding unbeatable and budget-friendly travel tickets to the next destination worldwide.


Best Accommodation Resources 🏨

Booking.com – Booking.com always has the best deals, so if you know where you want to stay and want maximum savings, look no further! Every type of accommodation you could possibly imagine is on this booking sites – I use it all the time when looking for a hotel room!

Hostelworld – Are you searching for an excellent hostel? Make sure to take advantage of the user-friendly scoring system provided by Hostel World. I used these ratings while traveling in South America and was able to locate budget-friendly lodgings with ease.

Couchsurfing – Craving a new travel experience? Want to save money while having fun and meeting locals? Couchsurfing is the perfect great way for you! It’s free, it connects you with friendly hosts around the globe, and lets you stay on their couches – what could be better?!

Airbnb – Enjoy the comforts of home while traveling abroad with Airbnb rentals.

Vrbo – Vrbo is my top pick when it comes to travel accommodations. Not only do they have almost free service fees, but there are plenty of home-like options available without having to break the bank!


Rental Cars Resources🚘

Discover Cars – At Discover Cars, they strive to offer the most competitive and budget-friendly rates for car rentals. They compare best price from numerous suppliers to guarantee you get the best deal around.

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Rental Boat Resources⛵

Renting a boat in Cartagena, Colombia is the perfect way to explore the Caribbean Sea and take in the beautiful sights and sounds of this vibrant coastal city. With its stunning colonial architecture, gorgeous beaches, and crystal-clear waters, Cartagena is an ideal destination for sailing enthusiasts.

The warm climate and tropical breezes make it the perfect spot for a relaxing day out on the water. Boating allows visitors to get close to marine life, enjoy watersports, or just relax with friends and family.

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Best Tours for Solo Travelers (NOT only)

It’s not about a travel guide but these are more world travel resources for planning trips on the place.

Viator – With Viator, discovering the perfect day tour is a cinch. Ratings are crystal clear and alluring options from around the world are at your fingertips!

Get Your Guide – If you’re looking for amazing experiences, I highly recommend Get Your Guide as the go-to platform to book local travel tour in Central and South America.

G Adventures is also a good solution for solo travelers!


What To Pack🎒

Coolife Suitcases – Coolife has created the ultimate solution for your traveling needs. Whenever I embark on a big trip, I always use their suitcases since they are designed with convenience and comfort in mind.

If it’s just a backpacking excursion though, my trusty Northface backpack never fails me!

Travel Cubs for Packing – these are going to be game changers, you’ll see! They allow you to compress all your stuff into cubes, thus making it easier to organize and transport. They also keep your belongings dry and secure, which is a must for all travelers.

Shohoku Scarf – This scarf is not only a great accessory but also serves as an all-in-one travel essential. Whether you’re on the plane or in your hostel room – never worry again about finding clean pillows and blankets! This soft and comfortable scarf can quickly be transformed into both of those items to provide maximum comfort while exploring the world.

Filtered Water Bottle – Water-To-Go Filtered Bottle is essential for travelers and to keep yourself hydrated. This water bottle is the best choice for both the environment and your health issues. Put an end to the plastic menace and ensure that you always have access to clean, safe drinking water!


Travel Safety Essentials❤️‍🩹

Travel Insurance Master – The best travel insurance for digital world nomads, ex-pats, and solo female travelers.

Before setting out on international travel, it is best to be prepared for any potential risks or issues that may arise. Play it safe and ensure you have the necessary safety measures in a great place! Emergency assistance is going to be on your side anytime!

  • World Nomads — For general travelers and adventure travelers.
  • SafetyWing — For general travelers and digital nomads in Colombia.
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Phones And Internet Abroad📱

Airalo E-SIM– For all enthusiasts of travel, there is no better mobile phone service than this. I even use it Swiss side!

Having experienced its benefits ourselves during our countless travels abroad, I can confidently recommend this product to everyone! You don’t even have to worry of buying sim cards.

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Government Travel Resources🛂

Are you planning an international trip soon and need to know what documents are necessary to enter a certain country? Or perhaps, you’re looking for information on visa regulations or other opportunities that may be available to travelers.

No matter where you plan to go, having access to the right governmental travel resources is essential. This website provides up-to-date recommendations and alerts concerning your destination of choice, as well as safety tips to help you stay safe while abroad.


Make Lasting Connections When Traveling Abroad🫂

MeetUp – Looking for solo travel companions or striving to make new friends on your journey? The MeetUp App is the answer! With this app, you can connect with people from all over the world who share similar interests, events, and activities.

Uncover a variety of meet-ups around the globe – perfect for globetrotters seeking the next adventure.


Why Are Travel Resources Important?

Travel resources meaning is important to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable journey while exploring the world. With access to travel resources you have access to the right information, and you can ensure that your travels will be worry-free and full of exciting experiences!

From car rentals and tours to insurance plans and packing essentials, having go-to travel resources for all your needs is invaluable.