Underwater like a pintball machine

Capuragna, the first Colombian town I stepped in. Far from everything and surrounded by the Darien rainforest to the north and the Caribbean coast to the east, Capuragna is probably the most isolated place I’ve encountered here in Colombia. I was coming from the beautiful San Blas and here I was, sitting in a lovely Colombian village.

Before I left I had read about this place and its wonderful crystal clear waters to dive in, some of the best in all of Colombia. I promised myself that as soon as I enter Colombia I would dive underwater to immerse myself in these amazing waters, and so I did. The day after I arrived in Capuragna, there I was in the water splashing around like a happy dolphin! Of my fellow travelers from the San Blas Islands, about ten of them were certified divers, and like me, they too ended up with mask and fins in the water, even enjoying a group discount. (Editor’s note: “blub blub – scuba diving” Giorgy would tell you).

Now, like me, many travelers like to take advantage of the vacations to dive in crystal clear waters, but of course I, being as smart and naïve as ever what did I forget that night? The basic rules of diving of course! And with them also the things absolutely NOT to do before diving, like: drinking alcohol, or diving if cold or sick. What do you think G did? Genius of course, she had a drink the night before. What else? Remember I was coming from 4 days of touring the islands sleeping in hammocks under the stars? Magnificent, but cold. And there she is on the horizon: G, from Genius, still a little tipsy and chilled getting ready to dive into the water. Bad idea. Right Steven? Yes, because he too, probably infected by my goofiness, got a coldly and was tipsy.

But you know me by now, and what did I do? Guided by my stubbornness, I went diving anyway. That morning I woke up not feeling at all well, so I took a painkiller pill accompanied by 1L of water, just enough to look like a thirsty camel. Steven? He did the same way. Two unconscious dromedaries. At 10 a.m. the entire San Blas group was already at the diving center. 1 hour later we were ready: 2 dives planned and paid for, fins obviously on our feet because we are not so smart as to carry them by hand to the pier, weights, mask, tanks and off we go!

In porto ci stava già aspettando un gommone. Prima di allora avevo fatto immersione solo da barche grandi, il gommone non mi era familiare, ma c’è una prima volta per tutto no?

An inflatable boat was already waiting for us in the harbor. Before then I had only dived from large boats, the dinghy was not familiar to me, but there is a first time for everything right?Luckily I was one of the first jumping into water. The rough sea was making the journey quite eventful, so much so that one of us even threw up, thus missing the dive. A triumphant start if nothing else…

Just before entering the water I had a strange feeling of lightness, “What’s up?”. Shortly after that I realized I lost my weight belt… Luckily one of the instructors was able to retrieve it, otherwise no dive for me either. 2/10 off in one day would have definitely been a good average… but no, you won’t knock me out that easily hehe.

The water had a beautiful temperature, slightly turbid but other than that gorgeous. The marine life was very alive and bustling despite there being no large marine animals around.

It took a while before the whole group was in the water. Everything was going well, so what could have possibly happened now? Well given the group: anything. One guy barely made it to the bottom and couldn’t compensate so he went back to the surface, another guy, halfway through the dive was left with 30 BAR and also had to go back to the surface…

Now you’re probably wondering: WHAT ELSE could have happened… well, stick in here, the fun part is actually yet to come….

My buddy and I would close the group and could then see the rest of the group. (Editor’s note: For those not familiar with the world of diving, the buddy is your diving partner. In fact, you always dive in pairs, or with a buddy assigned within a larger group so that if something happens, your buddy can help you.) Anyway, one of the guys in front of us seemed to be quite distracted, or particularly taken in the moment, we will never know I guess, and, without looking where he was going and not caring about his buddy, ended up bumped on with him. This clash between buddies generated a sort of chain reaction, where the two in turn ended up against one of the girls on their left who, out of fright, pushed them away and sent them crashing into another diver on their right.

You know the old pinball arcade game? That’s it, same thing, instead of a ball there was a poor diver!

Seen from behind the scene was also quite funny, those who ended up in the diver bumper cars didn’t feel the same way. Luckily we were at the end of the dive.

Happy but exhausted !

Once back at the scuba diving center, I was kind of exhausted, but after a good meal I was just ready to go on the second dive! I’m sorry to disappoint you, I know you like drama, but luckily nothing strange or shocking happened on the second dive.

Note from the editor: guys be careful. In the case of G and the group of San Blas everything went well, but such clashes can lead to serious accidents especially if you scare your companions or if one of the group begins to get nervous, panic or run out of air. Diving is beautiful but a good dive can become dangerous in a short time so remember to respect your buddies and the nature that surrounds you and in case of any problem, stop the dive immediately and return safely to the surface. Stay safe and don’t touch the corals. Peace my friends 🙂

My friend and I failing miserably on doing selfie underwater!
‘But being absolutely better on our second attempt!