#week 01 of 2022: Traveling is not always comfy

I was traveling with a friend of mine around the Caribbean Islands. The best solution of visiting the “whole” Caribbean Islands once all together, is taking a Cruise. So you are kind of doing Islands hopping, every day on a different one. As much as every little islands was beautiful itself, it was extremely exhausting.

Cruising wasn’t for us, indeed once reached St Maarten, we just disembarked from the boat and flew to Guadalupe. We decided to spend 3 whole days on this island, one of which we decided to have a rest day. Indeed we didn’t do much besides going around the markets, do some shopping and relaxing at our Airbnb… going to the beach would have been way too far and we would encounter too many annoying people.

When people say that traveling is not always comfy, believe me because they are right!! No matter the reason, but every now and then the sweet of doing nothing is beautiful.

I don’t know why, but this time I found myself really exhausted from islands hopping.. because of the weather? Being under the sun every day? Having Party all night? To be honest, I don’t know LOL. But the weather in Guadalupe were not helping at all.

On our relaxing day, the temperature hit to around 40 degrees! As I said before, it was our relaxed day and we were willing of doing nothing at all. Nowhere was cooler enough of saying “Here I can rest”, neither in the bedroom and we were not allowed of using the air-conditioning.

Since the weather was that high.. as said hitting around 40 degrees… I was in desperate need of cooling of! After taking a shower I was still sweating LOL.

So yes, this was the coolest place I could find in order to freshen myself up: “Part-time dreamer, full time idiot”.