#week 10 of 2021: that full glass of wine at my house was illegal

There are funny stories about drinking with me, most of them coming out when I do the bartender. Why? Well, I have to admit I tend to put more alcohol then soft drinks (I just realized it few weeks ago when I invited few friends over).

So, hear ye my dear ones.. yeah my friends, I wrote it down black and white and post it online (as ever..it will come back to bite me).

I went to a friend of mine house and started to play cards and also playing dices. I love those nights where you just chill at home playing at some games and just letting the night be. In addition we played in front of a glass of white wine which easily became a whole bottle.

What does Giorgy , when she doesn’t like the wine? I usually, or Giorgy tends to pour more out to others than into her own glass. (call me stupid LOL this is a really good advice from me, isn’t it?)

At some point, the wine was finished and I was fooling around with my friend because his glass was not finished yet.. indeed it was still full. When I wanna be annoying I could keep going on for hours. Therefore at some point he was like “Giorgy, stop it! Drinking wine with you means making other people drink it for ya!”

I look at him and started to laugh because he had caught me in the act! So I took the ruler (do not ask me why he had one right on the dining table) and started to play around with it. As I always say “Part-time dreamer, full time idiot” ahahah again, welcome in my weirdness lifestyle of mine.

Can you relate on these weird/annoying acts of mine in yourself as well?ย