#week 10 of 2022: Building It Up by Myself

Have you ever look up at something in internet and you were like “Oh wow, I really want this so bad!”. You look up at the price and change your mind? Yeah I know that feeling, it happens a lot of time. This time, I saw 3 nice wood-triangle hanged on the wall (kind of shelves where you can store books and whatever you want to).

So, I came up with a brilliant idea… Instead of buying them, I organized myself:

  • the following day I went to a store buying wood, I asked them to cut the pieces on a specific length;
  • bought a handsaw (which ended up not working out at all) then switched on a manual on to cut down the edges;
  • prepared my flat to be filled up with sawdust.

Well well well… honestly I thought a handsaw would have been more than enough and I would ended up the job in less than few hours. Instead it took me kind of forever to just cut of a little edge. So I went straight to the store and got an electric machine instead (therefore I wrote before “switched on a manual” my wrists thanks me today).

Once I settle up all pieces together and finally create my own triangles, I deeply sighed. I couldn’t believe I just made it by myself! I was jumping around my place as happy as a child!ย I forgot an important detail… there was still a lot of sawdust in my flat, I believe I even ate some of it for few days tho. It took me a while for getting ride of it completely.

Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….. taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak! Here I am showing you the real use of the triangles. AHAHAHAH just kidding but I look like a happy hamster. (I was truly happy). The following day, I hanged them all on the wall ) no worries I didn’t go sleeping with it on me (even tho you think I did ahah).