#week 11 of 2021: are those train drivers?

I believe it was after a long tiring Sunday of work (it usually quite on Sunday but it was like every train decided to cause us troubles). Anyways, after workย I went back home for holidays with a colleague of mine.

Since working for a train company it’s legitimate to look when a Cargo train passes by and figure out whether it’s our business or not. But at some point I was tired so I decided to take a nape (look at my weird position.. of course)

This time, this story, is not about a train itself neither about how I sleep but about drivers. I just got a really into a comfy position for sleeping (as you can see in the pictures below), at some point Asia yelled out “What do you thing, are those train drivers?”

I didn’t even think (well, who thinks when you are kind of sleepy? No one tho but I do not think when I am awake eiterh HAHA) so I got up and without discretion set out looking for these drivers.

“Oh shit.. they saw me!” I said.. I mean of course they saw me AHAH. Asia started to laught and said “Yeah of course they saw you!!!!”.

I guess she wanted to kill me, so I did what I do best: keep on sleeping. I went back to sleep as nothing ever happened and tried to hiding from their curious looks.

Just keep sleeping, just keep sleeping, just keep sleeping.

The worst case happened when we had to change train and guess what? They were waiting for the same train on the same Platform. Also here we did what we do best: we ignored them. As if nothing ever happened before. Why not? Acting normal when you are not normal at all!