#week 11 of 2022: Be a Chip Off the Old Block

This is the week dedicated to father day, but I wanted to share this little part of the weekly post with a person who I consider my second father.

I don’t usually share things like these, but I feel emotional lately, so here I am. Even tho I am a Part-time dreamer, full time Goofball… I am a human too!

I met Rodney and Lupe in 2014 when I embarked on my first real solo adventure in the USA for improving my English skills (to be honest, before leaving for this adventure I couldn’t really speak the language properly). Little did I know since that day they become part of my life and they stick in there forever.

Since the day I flew back home, I decided to try to visit them once a year or whenever I had the opportunity to. In the end, Santa Barbara becomes my second home: home sweet home.

I remember the last day I was in Santa Barbara was on January 29th, 2020, I promised them both I would have been back in September 2020. Little did I know life had other plans for me. Indeed I stayed longer than I expected in Switzerland giving up on my American dream.

20 months later I find myself being ready of taking on my next adventure. Indeed in less than 2 weeks, I’m off in the world again. Unfortunately, USA borders are still closed, therefore I am not allowed to go back to my second hometown.

My soul knows I am gonna be back soon and can finally hug you all again!

This was something I wrote in September 2021.. just because I was really emotional and being father week I just wanted to share it now. In the meantime I managed to go back to the USA, not only to my beloved second family but to my beloved boyfriend too & my soul knew it already!

Be a chip off the old block.