#week 12 of 2021: the love I didn’t know I had for cats

Would you ever believe me if I tell you that more than 6 years ago, I would have told you that I do NOT like pets at all? Well, as I grew up during the years, tastes and interests have also changed over time.

Indeed, here I am.. It was about 4 years ago when my parents decided to welcome a cat in the family: Shalom!ย (If you are following me on Instagram you would, for sure, know her.. if not, just go and have a look ahha!)

Shalom has different meaning. Since my mom choose it, it means: PEACE. (Bringing peace in our lives). So yes, this is the name my mom chose for her, BUT with the time we chenged her name several times or better still we started giving her several nicknames: Palom, Mimi, Palomina, Pupetta and so on. Well, if you have a pet you knows LOL.

Little I know this little potatoes (here I am giving Shalom a new Nickname tho ahah) will become so important and the love I didn’t know for cats came out. Indeed the first thing I check whenever I’m back home to my parents flat is HER!

“Where is Shalom?” the first phrase which come out of my mouth when I get home even before asking others human being how they are doing LOL.

Sometimes I am still wondering why she hasn’t killed me yet.. I’m so damn boring sometimes (I always say this is a show of affection/love fore her) to her that I don’t know where she has all that patience. I usually pick her up even thought she dislikes it, I made annoying game to her and so on… but I am still alive (bad luck for her).

Hello, it’s me: PALOM!!! or whatever name you would like to call me