#week 12 of 2022: Having My Life Under 100% Control

I am not really a fan of watching movies all the time or spending my time on Netflix. I do prefer having musing surroundings for me. An empty house gives me a strange feeling.

Anyways, when I want to watch a movie, I am the girl who is watching criminal, horror or thriller movies, documentaries, or tv shows. Why? I mean, why not!

It was that time of the year when I bought my new house’s furniture and got myself a new beemer; what did I do? Of course, I wanted to try it out by putting on a horror movie.

I couldn’t find one that I like… I nearly spent 2 hours finding something but I find just nothing that suits my interests at that moment.

«Che palle» Giorgy said which is an Italian expression when you are tired of something and don’t know what to do about the situation. Like WTF!

I ended up chatting with a friend of mine and asking for some tips about movies. Guess what? He also loves the same type of movies (horror, criminal land so on). So I ended up in the right place at the right time (I was happier if I could spare the 2 hours tho).

Anyways, so he gave me the TV show title and so I started to watch it. To be honest, I finished it but I was confused about the whole story… and when he gave me brief info about it I was like «why nothing he told me about is actually happening?»

Well, you know me, right? Do you know my motto «Part-time dreamer, full time Goofball»?. Well.. as I was saying I finished the movie and the following day I talked to my friend again.

«Giorgy are you kidding me?» I was a bit confused and said «What?»

«You just watched the wrong number and I even wrote you the movie!!!!!»

Sorry not sorry

Part-time dreamer, full time Goofball.