#week 13 of 2021: freezing game not April Fool’s day

It’s kind of tradition, every time I go visiting my host family in California that we go having happy hours at 4 pm at State Streets all the time.

This time was just me and Rodney, we did a little workout by walking to Down Town and rewarding ourselves with a beer. Of course I don’t like beer, so I got a white wine glass for me. Here where we started to go crazy (I mean, am I ever normal?). Have you ever sat at the bar and so out of nowhere you started to commentate on the soccer match?

As said, my host mom stayed home, so Rodney and I, while drinking our drink, we started commenting everything of the match that was going on TV. At a certain point, after commenting endlessly on every single gesture a player made, we noticed that the people around us were starting to move. At some point I even asked the only guy still next to us if we were bothering him.

Well, he said he was having more fun on listening to our bullshits comment instead of the game itself LOL. So we kept talking of course I also believe we became lauder and lauder.

When the match finished, we kind of became quite. BUT never put two crabby people together. Indeed, the Genius Idea was on the way this time as well. Rodney came up with a game: ask the bartender (or even a stranger) an open question and as soon as she/he starts answering, we have to freeze like ice (becoming statues) and see their reaction. We definitely had endlessly 3 hours of no stopping laughs and fun! (maybe just for us, I am pretty sure people thought we were just idiots “Part-time dreamer, full time idiot”)

When we got back home, we did it to Lupe as well. She insulted us “You’re such babies.. grow up!”