#week 13 of 2022: Stubborn Kid

If you know me, you also know that my stubbornness is harder than me. I have to do stuff on my way, the hardest one lol. (Lately, I am not that way anymore but yeah, I am trying to improve myself daily.. and baby steps are the way to go).

I was moving into my new flat and a few weeks before I just ordered all the furniture I needed. I also ended up buying stuff from second-hand stores.. why buying the same furniture if I could have the same (maybe a little bit dirty or used) for a less and more affordable price?

As I was saying, I just bought a new lamp.. instead of asking someone for installing it for me, I just ask the advice of a friend of mine.

He is an electrician, so he gave me all the tools and explained to me how to do it. I brought all the stuff back home and I was finally happy to hang on my damn lamp.

  • First step: removing the old lamp and put on the new one. DONE.
  • Second Step: putting the hanging cable in the opposite cover? DONE.
  • Third Step: cover excessive cable and put straight my lamp. DONE.
  • Fourth Step: cut the excessive cable and try to hide it in the hole. DONE.
  • Fifth Step: Cover the final hole with an opposite lid. DONE.

5 easy steps. Well, I made it in 5 weeks lol at least I made it by myself and my friend even told me « It took you a bit long, at least you made it better than someone who is an electrician for 20 years » he then took some pictures of the process and sent it to his colleagues!

This time my stubbornness won and I made a really great job out of it lol.