#week 14 of 2021: personal accident do not just happened on the railways

It was that time of the month when I had to work nightshift (7 nights in a row.. sometimes is hard .. because you cannot really get into the night shift rhythm at all and when this happen is so frustrating tho). I do not usually have problem with it, just the very first night is literally killing me (jumping from going to bed around 10 pm at going to bed just at 6 am!

This time I had to give instruction to a colleague of mine for 5 nights out of 7. Not bad, on one hand I find it really interesting (because I was giving her the whole responsible of doing the job, on the other hand you find yourself doing nothing at all which sometimes is nice and sometimes is just boring).

It was time for taking a break, so we decided to go to cafeteria (I don’t drink coffee at all but I believe we went there because I was about to fall asleep if I wouldn’t move). There was a little problem, my colleague was having hard time of walking due to muscle soreness (too much home gym damn). For this reason I kindly towed her in the chair from the office to the cafeteria (this way I did my daily workout as well ahah).

Attention, attention.. at a certain moment we didn’t see a recess and.. my colleague literally flew off the chair. (pay attention at the video, I swear I didn’t push her out of the chair)

I guess we laughed for at least 30 minutes. Indeed our colleagues were wondering were we just disappeared LOL.

The most fun/weird part? My colleague was just randomly filming our way to the cafeteria showing people how cool her job position is.. well, I am sorry if we ruined it! Sorry not sorry? It was fun tho!