#week 14 of 2022: How to Wake Up the Neighbor

I am sorry but since I moved into my new flat, I just got a new and exciting goofy story. It was also wintertime, therefore, most things happened in my lovely flat.

Usually, no one makes 3 hours train drive to visit me… I mean, just the best friends of mine of course! Indeed we decided to make something together in Olten, in the Swiss-German part where I do work and live since 2020 (thanks COVID).

Honestly, I moved into this flat end of 2020, just because it was time to leave my beloved flatmates and adventure in something new for just me, myself, and I. So I did it.

So, my beloved friends visit me and we just went groceries in order to have everything we need for the night. I think we did even had to go twice because all the bags were full of stuff.

Once home, we made an afternoon power nap because the night before we did a little party. After it, we started to prepare dinner, drinks, and eventually games. Since I have no games at home, I managed to invent one by myself.

After dinner, we got a bit wild.. we even played UNO but we couldnโ€™t finish it because we got mad at each other. Everyone was playing with their own rules. Indeed we switched games and ended up drinking even more.

Why why why? Little after my neighbor wrote me saying we were too loud.

We even jumped naked in the snow on the terrace and made the angels. There when he came to the door and yelled at us. After it, I just fall asleep on the sofa LOL.