#week 15 of 2022: Easter in a Different Way!

This year I didn’t feel like celebrating Easter either any other festivity. So… I ended up working for the whole week.

I wasn’t sad at all, also because that week just arrived my new terrace table and chairs furniture! I was truly happy because the weather allowed me to stay outside on the terrace and build them up by myself.

Speaking of Easter, that week also a friend of mine was in Olten with her family. They ended up having Easter with me. We didn’t really do something in particular (just because the G.. Genius.. haven’t gotten her kitchen utensils yet). So we ordered food

Since the weather was sunny and there was no wind, we ended up eating on the terrace until the sun has gone.

I forgot to mention that her family has a beautiful dog. Of course, they brought him too. Look how sweet, Cookie and I look like?

With that said I would like to wish a happy Easter to all of you¨

If you are feeling lonely, remember that you are not. The best company is going to be always you withing yourself.