#week 15 of 2021: improponible position while sleeping

Since I was little I did gymnastic. Why am I even telling you that? Maybe that’s where my flexibility while I sleep comes from. So yesss.. be ready, today on #week 15 of 2021 I am going to tell you another weirdness of mine.

I was saying that I sleep in a weird way,ย I swear I never filmed myself but few friends of mine after a sleepover or during holidays came out with: “Giorgy how the hell do you sleep?”.

How the hell do I know how I sleep? I do not sure filming myself while sleeping. Imagine I would film me and I end up seeing a ghost on it? No thanks ahahha. Okay, sorry I should have kept this creepiness for myself.

The years passed and the comment remained the same. Once my mom got into my room, I believe it was around 8 in the morning, she just open the windows and turned on the light. “What the hell are you doing?” seeing me in that weird position, she thought I was awake. Finally one day I’ve gotten seen myself the way I sleep.

Another morning Mom she did the same, but this time she got a camera with her. Seeing my strange position again she knew I was sleeping this time. Whenever I woke up she just then showed me the picture of myself sleeping. That was the moment I realized why friends were and still are asking me how I come could I sleep position like this.

sorry not sorry for my strangeness

I usually stay in this kind of position also when I easily watch a movie on the sofa or when I read a book at home. So, I was used to.. it wasn’t such a big deal to me if I have to be honest at all