#week 16 of 2021: Scrabble for master

Who would have thought I would have enjoyed playing Scrabble? No, me neither LOL.

I like playing different game also video game and so on. But I have to admit I have never considered playing Scrabble but I gave it a go the first time I was in the USA.

Little I know that people are crazy player in this game as if mastering the most complex words is a challenge to prove the other they’re the best. And.. I now understand this principle, I’ve become competitive too! Indeed every time it was my turn, I took up to 10 minutes to figure out a way of playing my words at the best. I was checking on my phone all the time words I could make up in at least 5 different languages LOL.

As said.. yes 5 languages.. because my native language is Italian, then I improved my German and English skills (after middle school I went abroad for 1 year improving these languages), about French is just similar at Italian and we started learning it while in primary school. Then I learnt and improve my Spanish skills when I was traveling through central and south America in 2019 (my grandma is from Spain but I never learn Spanish properly). So, as said since we have more than 5 languages on the table, we played international Scrabble: like Scrabble for master!

Well I have to admit, it was fun even thought it was hard thinking of more language simultaneously (believe me I have also hard time translating from one language to another, as if I loose completely vocabulary on my native language).

At the end of the story, who won? I don’t even remember who, but at least we had a blast and.. could you named the languages we used? (I give you a hint, we used at least 6)