#week 16 of 2022: Sorry I Didn’t Mean to Use your Bluetooth

It was one of those weeks when I had nightshift, so my day started off at 3 pm.

Usually, the last week of the night shift I sleep until 5 pm because the whole week of work put me off. BUT that day a friend of mine visited me so he woke me up at 3 pm and bought me to the pool of the city.

It was good because I just need to switch off my mind and refresh myself into the beautiful and sunny day we had ahead.

At night, before I had to go to work, we spent the evening talking, playing stupid games, and laughing. Before I left for work I told him how to use the Beemer to watch a movie on the beemer and how to connect the speaker to the computer.

Well, not sure whether was the alcohol on my friend’s blood or my bad explanations but he could not manage to make the volume on the computer working.

A week later, I was working on the computer and had my WhatsApp connected too. At one point my neighbor wrote me «Are you connected to my speakers?»

I was confused, I did not what he was talking about «no, why should I?»

«I keep hearing beeping as someone is connected on his/her laptop with WhatsApp,» he said.

I just finish my job on the computer and I just realized my Bluetooth was on. I checked the settings and guess what? I was connected to my neighbor’s Bluetooth speakers!!! Apparently, my friend did not follow my instructions and connected the computer to the speaker instead of doing what I told him to do.

Luckily the speakers that evening were switched off otherwise my friend would have woke him up LOL.