#week 17 of 2021: “Eh, what’s up, doc?”

If you all get until this chapter “#week 17 of 2021” you will slowly understand how weird I am. Am I right? (Well I do not need a real answer because I already know it tho).

So yes, I do.. have… say weird stuff, like.. I mean, has it ever happen to you? To do/have/say something, but others don’t understand it?

Are you ready? Because today I’m going to reveal what others wouldn’t want to know about me. And.. are you really ready for hearing/reading about it?
Do not complaint because I just warned you about my weirdness!

I am not going to reveal it to you easily. so this is the one thing I love eating and people thing I am not normal. First of all, who said I am normal? LOL.
Second of all, this thing sounds like I am eating a carrot but I am not, it’s something row as well.
It has a lot of different shapes and I do not have a favorite one tho.

Did you get it?

Everyone else eat it cooked, but me.. I’d rather have it row. (If you do not get it after this hint, I have no idea how you could get it right).

So, I feel like Bugs Bunny “Eh, What’s up, doc?” while eating a carrot.

Well, as you can see it’s not really a carrot. Can you guess what is it? (well I guess you can since I wrote it in the video what I am eating and if you pay attention at the audio.. it does sound like crunchy carrot.. isn’t it?)

Enough speaking of me, what is that thing you do, have or say but others do not understand at all? Please, share it with all of us in the comment below. I am really looking forward to reading your comment!