#week 17 of 2022: Everyone stars from somewhere.

Do you know, of course, that the most famous and big icon people in our world have started from somewhere?

And it doesn’t really matter WHERE you start… what matters is that you DO START!

Apple has started from a Garage.. look it up now? Most of the people in the world have at least something of Apple (everyone except me, I am not really a fan).

Facebook? This is another example that also started from his own house. Now he is the owner of Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and who else knows what? Oh yeah, he is one of the richest people in the world.

Cardone Capital? Another big example of someone who started off with nothing and now he is the owner of most of the houses in the USA.

Then, here I come… I also started off from somewhere with my G-Extreme Blog. Guess where I started off? My happy play? Yes.. you are getting closer.. go ahead..well, okay I am going to show it to you!

As said, everyone starts from somewhere, here is where I started off! Don’t be afraid of following your dreams and make them happen. Be more afraid of being stuck in the same unhappy place forever.