#week 18 of 2021: being a Bartender for a period of time

When I was still “homeless” , no kidding, I was just not sure what I wanted to to in my life and in that period of time I was traveling around the world doing my gap year. So I worked for a short period of time as a bartender at one of our famous city’s festival: Festival del Film Locarno (check it out, it’s something really cool and international event).

Doing cocktail and being a bartender was always I thing I wanted to try in my life. So here I am, Giorgy as a Bartender!

One day I got to the festival & I found a new game behind my workstation. Right in that moment my boss came by and said “Well, now you have a really important role. Convince your clients playing this game!”. After he explained me the rules, I agreed on this (as much as I’ve ever accepted)

Actually, whoever consumed drink, had to pay 2 dollars deposit on the glass. Once they returned the glass, we would give them 2dollars per glass back. Fair right?

In this case, instead of giving them back money I had to convince customers to throw it. If they were lucky, they would receive the double, 5 or 10 times the value of the glass (centering the hole in the cardboard). If they screwed the throw, the glass was left to us as a tip.

It seems fun, right? Believe me, at some point at the night, I wanted to kill my clients tho. I just had more people throwing glasses instead of customers’ willing to have a drink.

Even though we made at least 500 dollars tips each night and it was such aย good experience, I will never do it again tho. (I know, never say never in life.. but you cannot expect me doing this role again.. I leave it at my future kids).