#week 18 of 2021: Mother’s Day

When life moves us apart and I can no longer take care of you, never forget what I have always told you: “If you like a blouse, you wear it and if you like a skirt, you wear it; If you want to cut your hair, you cut it and if you want to wear makeup, you wear makeup; If you like a song, you hear it and if you like to dance, you dance to it; let no one ever come and tell you how to live your life.”

If I could give you 3 things these would be:

1. The ability to love and have a lot of self-esteem;

2. The strength to chase your dreams;

3. The ability to understand that to be happy you just have to approve of yourself.

You are not a continuation of my last name or my way of being.

You are not my appendage, you are so much more… You are unique and wonderful.

You will not be what I could never be, nor will I launch you down the paths I wish I could have taken.

Be all you want to be, as long as it makes you happy, sell ice cream, illusions, buy clouds, toast to life and don’t follow others, don’t believe what they tell you, only do it if it seems to you, that it makes you happy and thank God.

Be rudder, never anchor, be sea, never storm.

I love you ❤ mom