#week 19 of 2021: Giorgy longstocking

Since COVID-19 has become part of our lives (yeah.. Covid is going to stick with us forever tho.. boring), exploring Switzerland become a must for me (and I couldn’t be happier for this discovery of my own home country).

We couldn’t go abroad, we were not allowed to leave the country.. so what? I started to go hiking in the beauty of Switzerland. This made me also realized that I don’t need to fly on the other side of the world to see something beautiful. Well we live in such a beautiful place.

Around the end of September I had holidays and I organized a little Swiss trip with few friends of mine.

In one week we were able of traveling through the beauty of Valise region (where people speak French usually). We all decided which kind of stops making on the way and we ended up being pretty happy for it. So, what did we do on our first stop?

First stop: Zermatt (I am pretty sure if you once visited Switzerland as a tourist, you went to Zermatt and know our famous Toblerone chocolate icon by it). If not, I am pretty sure you will see it with your eyes once visiting my home country.

Speaking about my upcoming adventure with some colleague of mine, he suggest me to make a particular hike (I am damn happy he told me of doing it). Indeed the following morning, we hiked to the foot of the Matterhorn, which was awesome. And my outfit was kind of weird (again) ahah it was the one with the long socks, shorts, and thank top. Well, what was missing? Of course the braids!!

And that’s how I turned into Giorgy longstocking. My friend told me “I am going to put you as my Home screen lock for a month” and she did it!