#week 19 of 2022: My Motorcycle Needed a Hug

I am a motorcycle which means I ride a motorcycle. Yes, I am a girl and I have my own baby moto. I called her Gypsy.

I don’t know in the rest of the world, but in Switzerland, people have to do an exam in order to get a driving license. Whether is it for a motorcycle or for a car (also if you want to drive a bus or a truck you need a specific one).

I also did few hours in order to learn how to ride properly and a few months later I signed up for the exam.

Guess what? I was so lucky and the weather decided to fool around with me. The whole time winter and sprig were sunny. What then just happened? On the day of the exam, it was raining cats and dogs.

I properly dressed up and ride to the examination place: I wore a rain jacket, luckily so it prevent me from getting soaking wet.

The first part of the exam is doing a slow curve, the eight, and then a slalom.

The first part went well. The second part was partially good and the last one… BAD!

I had two attempts: since the first one I failed because I put a foot on the floor, I had to take it again. The second attempt went even worst than the first on. I fall and I broke my clutch’s pedal.

I just laughed because this is life.. sometimes shit happens! On the other hand, I came back home with a new souvenir.