#week 2 of 2022: when mom is ALWAYS right!

Do you know if I tell you that mom is always right.. just because she is damn right? Well, also this time she was right, indeed I was supposed to go out dinner to a friend of mine’s house and… she decided to drive me there instead of letting me using her car lol. She didn’t even answer me when I asked her if I could use her car. No because she knew it already.

So, I met up with my best friend to another friend’s house, we ended up doing Greek dinner! Well, Greek are well known for being smart, year we are not.. at least I am honest!

We started having an aperitif with Greek dishes accompanied by white wine… yeah, that wine.. what I remember next is that we jumped in having dessert without even having dinner. Dessert does not mean of having something sweet to eat. Well, no… indeed we jumped into dessert’s boozed lol.

The alcohol was inside us, we started having so much fun.. we even ended up doing some workouts because we were about to miss the daily routine.. fun story? We even tried to play UNO but we ended up arguing with each others and we ended up dancing salsa, bachata and trying out twerking by following classes on YouTube LOL.At

At some point we started to watch a movie, we woke up in the middle of the night or morning (I do not truly remember tho) when the movie was done LOL.

The next morning my mom had to run to my friend’s place, bringing all the stuff I forgot home and drove me to the railways station in order to catch the train on time to get back at work.

“Se non sapete bere, non bevete cretine” which literally means “If you do not know how to drink, then do NOT drink idiots!”.. and yes, mom is always right tho!