#week 20 of 2021: Me watching my friend gag on the 97% vodka mixed drink I made for them

It was around this time of the year but last year.. what a confusion, I just could have said it was last year on my 25th birthday day. Few friends of mine organized going out on the boat which ended up not working out (unfortunately we figured out later on that the boat was missing the most important piece in order to make the boat working).

We tried several times making the boat worked but there was no way to get it to work (well, there was one way.. diving under the boat in order to get the missing piece). So we returned to shore and set up drinking on the lake dock. The temperature was so nice, the background of waves accompanying us with our laughter.

With our laughs the drinks just ended up easily. So, at one point, I offered myself of doing the next round of cocktails: blue curacao, mango juice and rum (what a nice idea?).

So well, from this day one I am not allowed to do cocktail anymore. So, as I was saying I went inside and made cocktails: I just made a light drink for me and I did a 97% blue di curacao with rum and just a little bit of mango juice mixed drink. Yeah.. of course… hahah I killed my friends with kindness (it was like drinking detergent one of them said, of course I didn’t try it out myself lol).

Happy birthday to me! I believe why my friends are right.. look how creepy I look in this picture.. Maleficent!

From that day on, I have been banned from making any type of drinks, even soft drinks LOL. I’m wondering why.. but they are right. Then next time we made a party at my house I bought few soft drinks.. again LOL.