#week 21 of 2021: the trick to get botox for free

Today I would like to tell you one of my misadventure I’ve gotten few years ago. By accident I found out how to get Botox for free.

Do you ever get sick at the same time of the year and you could do nothing at all? Well, here I am telling you my misfortune story. I usually get sick during summer time due to air-conditioning. Indeed, it was that time of the year where my throat was sore as hell.

Of course it was on summer time and as stubborn as usual I didn’t wanna stay home with that such beautiful weather. What to do? I started to take some pills based of orange for the soreness of my throat. Indeed at the same night I went out with some friends of mine, we went to Latino night.

I wasn’t really in the mood of dancing, so I just sit outside and waited for my friend being done with dancing. In the meantime I got all of us a drink. I just remember drinking a new Orange-tequila cocktail for myself.

Around midnight we all went back home and I started to feel itchy on my face and starting to have hard time on breathing. The next morning I woke up like this (please, do not get scared LOL)

I called the doctor straight away I was really feeling shit. At the end the doctor figure out that the drink mixed with the pills I was taking made me doing a weird reaction. Therefore the night I felt at first by upper lip itchy then I woke up like my lips had shaved.

This was not the awakening I was expecting, but you know.. shit could happen. And I think I lost one of my seven lives that night like cats do.