#week 22 of 2021: facing the real problem of Pole dance

As beautiful as it looks Pole dance, it has also it’s own issues. As a basic or beginner dancer, you usually start to train with the static pole. Well, the problem is when you start using the pole’s spin… ahah yeah, there are choreography or moves where you can hurt yourself or also feel bad (most of the time dizzy).

So as I was saying, Pole dance has it own issues..

The first real problem you will get through is building up strength. Yes baby, it is not that easy hanging on that damn pole even thought it could be really fun! So yeah, it could take up few months in order to have enough strength in order to do some figure on the pole.

The second step is using the spin pole and here is where you have to get used at the dizziness. (Yeah baby, do not think that you will feel okay rolling … rolling.. rolling on the pole ahahah it could be fun but when it turn well.. well, you could feel really DIZZY!)

Speaking of dizziness…

I was in training and I was trying a new combination of figures. I first tried it with the static pole and then do it on the spin mode too. So, doing the new combination gave me a lot of joy. I was way too concentrated that once down on the ground I was feeling sick. AHAH I feel like I was drunk even thougth I didn’t drink at all and I almost find myself with my butt on the floor.

As you can see, I had to hold myself on the pole in order to not falling on the floor. My trainer and I, indeed, started to laughed out loud. You know, sometimes these things could happen LOL. Welcome in my life!