#week 23 of 2021: Say Hi to Peter!

Do you ever get uncomfortable of answering the question “Are you in a relationship?”. I always wonder why people do not ask you if “Are you happily single?” instead? (I know, society sometimes really sucks).

So here I am again.. Since people were getting more curious about my private story I started to introduce them to Peter (yeah I don’t know why but there was a period of time when anyone who asked me who my boyfriend was, I would introduce them to my imaginary boyfriend).

Peter is a nice, silent guy. Whenever you need an advice or support, he is always by your side (sometimes is not always a pleasure having him 7/7 and 24/24, but this is just a little irrelevant detail).

Where does Peter come from? Be ready to hear this fun story of him. So he actually was born in Dubai on 2019. I went to Dubai with my bestfriend and we met up with another friend of ours. When we usually ordered drinks this friend always ordered a double drink or portion of food. Due to that, at some point we asked him:

“Who’s that drink for?” we stared at him because we were curious to know the answer.

“Don’t you see him? The drink is for my friend Peter!” he said.

We all started to laugh badly.. we almost cried! From that day one, we always take Peter with us.

I hope I made you laughed instead of making you creeping out and leaving my blog forever (please nooooo, stay here and keep enjoying my damn misadventures).

So, yeah, I was talking about Peter. Although Peter doesn’t really exist, I only wanted to bring forward the Peter’s generation and give it a face. So, here is my boyfriend peps!

So could you now stop asking who’s my boyfriend? Thanks!