#week 24 of 2021: Salsa dancing in the heart

As I said and would repeat here, Salsa dancing is something will stick in my heart forever. (Thank you Colombia for opening my mind and let me discover that the world is amazing!)

When I tried it here in Switzerland for the first time, I had 0 interest on doing it again. Once I was back from Colombia I kind of fall in love of it. Dancing is an art of expression of ourselves (Medellin has a really hard story behind it).

Free to go wild and be ourselves without the world judging us.

Latin dance to many is seen as a way to get laid. I have to admit that there are people who try it but those who are there to dance Latin know that it doesn’t go exactly like that. (No people, you are all wrong.. I wish you can go to Latin America and experience it by yourselves).

One evening, like most Wednesdays, some friends of mine and I went Salsa dancing (yes, we have a place called “Beach” where we go dancing). I choose a “weird” outfit for the night, just because it was my birthday. I just forgot that I put some high heels maybe a bit too high. So I ended up dancing by myself because no one was asking me to dance with (is it my fault if I am way too tall?).

Why feeling sorry when you have fun by yourself? AHAH I believed people thought I was an annoyed kid dancing and bothering others with my spins on the track tho. (who cares? not me ahah)

I believe at some point someone came by and invited me dancing with (I am pretty sure that he did it just because I would stop annoying others with my lonely dance moves LOL). My technique worked out well or maybe his as well?!