#week 25 of 2021: alternative means of transportation

Summer here in South of Switzerland is really hot.. moreover between July and August. So yeah, it was a hot summer day as usual. Think about it…normally I have stupid ideas, think when it’s hot how much crap goes through my head.

Since I was on holiday I had enough time to spent.. so I asked a friend of mine if I could visit her in Zurich. So, as I said before, I was about to organize to go visiting her to Zurich when the brilliant idea came out.

“G, go at the sailing boat’s infrastructure and take 4 life jackets up with you.” she said.

“Alright, I will go.. but tell me why?” I asked.

“G, there are more than 30 degrees and all the people are just floating on the river all the time…” she was talking.

I immediately interrupted her “So, we are going back home swimming as well? I’m in tho! Do I need to take something else with?”

“Nooo just the life jackets!”

In little time I organized to pick up the necessaire life jackets as well a waterproof bag. I did the 2 hours train ride and reached my friend at the central station of Zurich. Once we met, we walked to the edge of the river: inflated the donuts (I believe it took us about 20 minutes to be inflated), got in the life jacket and … GOOOO!!!

I have to admit my friend came out with a brilliant idea! Indeed we really enjoyed this “short” floating ride home on the river.

The most beautiful things, the spontaneous things, right? Where you don’t think about the consequences, you react and go without giving anyone an explanation. Go with the flow!

I wish you all of having a magnificent 25th week of 2021, love you all!

Take care and go with the flow, Giorgy.