#week 26 of 2021: killing my friends with brownies

At the beginning of 2021 I decided to make a change in my life.. huge one, because I was tired of how the world was falling apart. So I decided to become Vegan. I just did for 1 month then switched it on being constantly vegetarian (whenever I am home I try to stay vegan and outside vegetarian).

Another thing that I recently discovered in 2020 is that not only do I have a wary of making cocktails, but I also have a wary of making cakes (well, any type of LOL).

Usually one time a month we organize a big dinner with some colleagues of mine in order to spend time together (more also during lockdown time).

I don’t really know why, when I got aware we would have had dinner all together again, this time I was into doing cheesecake-brownies. So I did my little research and made it. Well, it took me the whole afternoon doing this damn cake and of course the kitchen was full of flour, sugar and so on ahah not to mention that I had to take a shower in order to get all the flour away from me.

We had Cheese Fondue which is a pretty heavy dine and at the end… coming my desert. Well? As delicious as it looks like, it was like eating a brick. It took me about 30 minutes to finish my piece of cake (and my friends didn’t even finish them all LOL)

AHAH what a disaster Giorgy, I was truly sorry.. I felt more sorry when I couldn’t finish my piece of cake either.

Even tho I tried to kill my friends they reassured me that I could do it again next time. Well, thanks I am going to try to make it softer next time, so I do not kill others!