#week 27 of 2021: epic installation failed

Covid… Covid… Covid… I am starting of having enough of it…  and the fact is that COVID has cornered us a bit. In fact, to be prepared for the second lockdown in sight, I’ve been gearing up (eheh at least I tried LOL).

So I ended up buying myself the pole dance’s pole in order to work out at home. (Yes Switzerland confederation decided to closed all the shops and also sport structures in order to getting the COVID cases lower or at 0 cases!)

It was a morning when a friend of mine slept over and the morning the letter carrier knocked on the door: the pole has arrived! I was still sleeping and he just helped jumping out of bed LOL

Excited as a kid, my friend helped me installing the pole out. Maybe we put a little too much excitement instead of caress in the installation. Yeah, the pole needs to be straight, since I didn’t have the right mensuration instruments we just used our eyes .. and it looked like it was straight!

While I was trying it out, taking it for a spin hanging like a little monkey, I told my friend: “Just try hanging yourself!”

Little we know the pole was not installed straight and we ended up like this woman. (literally.. like her..)

So, this is not really how it happen .. but almost: while my friend hanged on it while on spin mode.. out of nowhere my friend fell on the floor, the pole on my arm and I consequently on the chair (yeah, luckily we did ended up broking ourselves or walls). LOL luckily we didn’t get hurt, we could have split or smashed something. After this experience I fixed the pole better, since that day there have not yet (and hopefully will not be) any such incidents.