#week 3 of 2022: when sliding goes as not expected

I decided of not skiing or snowboarding anymore. As much fun as I have doing a lot of other activities, I lost interest on winter activities such as skiing or snowboarding.

Luckily for me I have a friend of mine who never learned how to ski, so we can do hikes, walks or even sliding down ropes instead!

It was around this time last year and we decided to go in the middle of the snow for the weekend. So we ended up in Laax, Switzerland, one of the famous Ski place in Switzerland. Since her boyfriend is a snowboarder, we were left alone wandering for the beautiful mountains in Switzerland.

Of course, once we reached the top, we stopped drinking for a hot chocolate/coffee by talking and admiring the beautiful view up there! Around 4 pm we decided that maybe it was time to start our descent back to the city center (during winter time the sun goes down relatively early, therefore is better being back home or at the place you’re staying before 5).

Here we are.. heading down to the middle ski station by chairlift. Could you believe me if I am telling you that we were about to freezing on that thing? As much sunny it was that day by doing nothing than sitting on that chair nearly turned us into snowman. Once reached the middle station, barely like ice cubes, we noticed that it was full of people sledding.

We looked at each other and it only took one look to find ourselves with a sled in hand.

Do you have in mind when you’re so excited like a kid who just got a Christmas gift? But once you’re on the sled, sliding down the slopes you realize…. that… you have ANY idea on how to use it and by speeding up at every bump (even the fear started to increase tho), you start screaming like crazy.

Yeah that was us! At the end of the slope we managed to understand how it really worked. In the meantime we ended up being covered by iced-snowed and having soreness at facial and belly muscles LOL.