#week 30 of 2021: Call Center Giorgy

“Call Center Giorgy, how can I help you?”

Do you ever have those days where you have thousands things to do? Other thoughts in mind? The only thing you do is ending up doing the opposite? Which mean.. nothing at all?

Maybe the destiny is sending me a sign that I should take a break a do anything else and not what I would like to do.. who knows?
Anyways, a lot of times, when I usually plan on ending up writing or doing something for the blog.. something is always coming up.

A friend is calling me.. someone else is needing some support… work stuff are coming up.. and so on.

On the other hand, it doesn’t matter how much work I have to do, my friends and family are more important than anything else I was doing. Therefore most of the time I end up postponing my work in order to listen up what they have to tell me. (At the end of the story I find myself complaining with myself because I ended up doing nothing at all but.. still happy because I helped a friend/relative in needed of being listened).

So yes, you would think? “WHY GIORGY!” Do not worry that the next day I am kind of angry at myself and grounding myself because I didn’t do a damn thing LOL.

Do I ever learnt my lesson? Ehm.. do I really have to answer you? AHAH. Because I am kind and I do not want you leave this blog without an answer.. Yes, I NEVER learnt from this ahha because I still doing it all the time. Who would like to hit me in my head and killing that stubborness of mine? Thanks!

With that said, Welcome you all in my life! Lot love Giorgy!