#week 31 of 2021: please, kill my stubbornness

Egypt.. Egypt.. Egypt… What happen in Egypt stays in Egypt, right? Well, we should have done it, so no one would even noticed we went there. (lesson learnt)

So, here I am, when the world was starting closing down due to the COVID-19 situation, what to do?

My friend and I were having 7 nights shift which means we would have then 5 days free for ourselves. Indeed in February we decided to book our little underwater holiday in Egypt. So yes,ย why not going to Egypt for few days after surviving 7 nights shift!

Here we are, on Monday when they closed Switzerland boarders we just landed in Egypt, Hurgada.

So, what really happened?

At the end of the story, we came back 2 days before because we were afraid of not coming back at all (we tried to contact the airline but they were not able to give us an accurate answer).
We wanted to do the Advance diving license but we ended up not finishing it (luckily they reimburse us a part of the money, and whenever we want to do it again we could start it where we ended it).
We were supposed to do 4 days but we did 2 instead (maybe we could have done easily 4 instead of rushing back home, but you will never know what would have happened).
The people were getting frustrated about the COVID situation, you could feel it. Everyone were getting super nervous around you, even worst of knowing a bomb was about to explode.
Once back at home, our boss put as in quarantine (if we just did not say a word at all where we went).

At the end of the story? Was this all worth it or not?

Of course it was! At the end we learnt our lessons (sorry not sorry) and next time kill my stubborness.