#week 32 of 2021: too good, too go!

I believe I spoke enough about me moving out from my old flat into the new one. So, here I am again AHAH, no I won’t bother you with another annoying story, promise!

I finally moved into my own flat in Olten (Swiss German part), so I decided to invite over few friends of mine from Ticino (I was so excited to show them all this beautiful little gem of mine).

It was winter time, so we didn’t much besides staying home, so we made sure to buy everything at the grocery. I also got a Beemer to preproduce the movie on the ceiling (what a genius idea, right?). So while my girls were watching the movie, I made sure everything was ready for dinner .

We started with an aperitif of a huge mojito, dinner and then.. the evening began to degenerate (of course, what would you expect from a night at home in the middle of a lockdown?). We were dancing inside until… GENIUS IDEA was on the way. In fact, we decided to move the party moved outside.

As I mentioned before we were in middle of winter time, indeed the last few days it snowed pretty much and softly in Olten, so my balcony had about 20 cm of snow.

Having said so, we all ended up doing the angels in the snow at 1am. It was damn cold, not to mention that we woke up my neighborhood. He was really angry at us (ups.. too good too go? No, if he goes it is better ahahh). I have to be honest it was really a blast even thought the neighbor hates me now (do not really care, I’d rather have fun enjoying my life).

We used my balcony as a freezer. The following day the bottles were empty and the footprints of us little angels in the snow appeared.