#week 33 of 2021: Why not!

I used to be a bit more extroverts, with years I become more introverts. Thank to that I also became more openminded (in general). Therefore if you know me, the usual answer I give to family, friends or people in general is “Why not”.

“Do you wanna go out?”
“Do you wanna eating sushi tonight?”
“Are you free on that date for going somewhere in Switzerland?”
“May I visit you tonight and cook for you at your place?”
“Do you wanna try this out?”
“May I call you?”
“Let’s go out for dinner!”
“Let’s go on adventure!”


And yes, here I come.. Giorgy “Why not?”. Yeah, why not living the moment at the fullest? I mean, why holding yourself back and forbidding you on trying new things. So yes, my answers is usually “Why not”. (Well, when I don’t want to I have no problems telling it. I never force myself on doing things I don’t want to LOL)

Society would NOT agree with me, neither people who are not that open minded. And, of course, some of you would see it as I am a rebel (maybe I am a bit, actually I like this new nickname of mine HAHA) but it’s better living the life you will remember forever instead of living it with regrets.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and live it! If you fall, I’m pretty sure you will get out of it stronger and wiser. Because it’s thanks for your up and downs where you standing right now.

With that said, I wish you a lovely 33. week and keep these words in mind.

With Love, Giorgy

An accurate thing? “Fuck Sake” as lifestyle. YES, I might be a bit aggressive sometimes but I just express what is going on in my mind .