#week 36 of 2020: Hammock’s lifestyle

I started to appreciate Colombian lifestyle once I was traveling through their country. Therefore I decided to buy my own hammock and bring it back home with me (indeed this is exactly what I did), as a reminder of their way of life.

South American usually hang their hammock on a specific platform. This is the drawback of being European, where they don’t sell such valuables.

Since ordering that specific platform would have cost me an arm and a leg, I came out with my own plan. If I have to be honest, a brilliant idea. I decided to hang my hammock on my garden structure’s pillars instead of using that supporting hanger.

Before being able to hang it on, I had to follow some YouTube instructions.. Just to make sure the hammock will stand still on them.

After few hours and more attempts later, I believe Iโ€™ve got it.. Amazing! Happy as a child, I couldn’t wait longer of laying on it. So that I put on the timer of my phone’s camera and I literally jumped in the hammock but.. somehow I flipped over and I found myself with my butt on the floor.. well I started to laugh out loud for about 5 minutes.

Mom “What are you doing on the floor?”
Me “I thought the grass need a hug!”

I believe even my neighbors came to the window to see what was going on. The second attempt went well: ended up sleeping peacefully in the hammock!