#week 36 of 2021: Ready to go?

Do you ever had to move out? Well, do you remember how stressful it is in order to thinking about all the damn things to do?ย Well, it was that time of 2020 when I was about to move into my new flat.

I was running all over the places in order to get all my stuff (poor my friend who helped me out finding all my furniture in the furniture’s store or also in second-hand store. Also that my flat mate gave me his huge car in order to put all the furniture in it ahah), all the furniture and so on. Most of that I use my friend’s room as a dump for my stuff.

At some point I was back again to my parent’s house because I forgot (of course) something that I needed badly. (I actually needed all the time a lot of stuff because somehow I would have always forget something LOL).

I was about to packing and putting all my stuff together (hopefully for the last time) when my mom yelled from the other side of the house

“Did you take everything this time” Mom asked.

“I am pretty sure, this time I’ve gotten all!” I said “could you please put that bag on my suitcase too?”

I heard her walking through me and I could tell from the look on her face that she was pretty confused at first. “Which bag?” She asked.

I just started to laugh without giving her a proper answer so she left. After a while she came back to me “Oh, now I know what you mean. Forget it, Shalom stays here!” she yelled at me.

Holy cat for supporting me!

Opss… I didn’t mean to upsetting her ahahah she was really about to kill me (I am not sure whether she or Shalome was more angry with me)